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Data Point – The Obama Economy

From Big Government:

1. A Record 91.8 Million Americans Are No Longer in the Workforce

…According to the U.S. Census, 317 million people live in the United States.

2. Since Jan. 2009, the Number of Jobless Working-Age Americans Has Risen 9.6 Million People

…That means that the number of working age Americans that are not working has grown by close to 10 million since Barack Obama first took office.

3.  47.4 Million Americans Now Rely on Food Stamps

…roughly one out of every six Americans – now receives food stamps 

4. A Record 10.98 Million Americans Now Receive Disability Checks

Social Security data reveal that a record 10,988,269 Americans now receive a monthly check for an average $1,146.43…

5.  Nearly One in Three Americans Fell into Poverty Between 2009-2011

A new Census Bureau report released last week found that 31.6% of Americans fell beneath the federal poverty line for at least two months between 2009 to 2011…

6.  42% of Americans Believe Themselves Worse Off Financially than a Year Ago

Gallup …found that 42% of Americans say they are worse off financially than they were a year ago.

7. U.S. Debt Now Stands at over $17.3 Trillion


And you don’t think that Determined Weakness is NOT in play here?