You know, maybe DiStaso ought to leave the bubble more often…

His story on Kelly Ayotte had this line in it:

Ayotte had been successfully straddling the line between Tea Party favorite and establishment Republican — until the shutdown occurred.

This is pretty much the same level of “journalism” we see from a lot of these ink-stained (he’s old enough for that phrase) “reporters” lately when they try to report on Second Amendment issues and plunge into talking about calibers, cartridges, rounds, ammo, automatics, semi-automatics, muzzle loaders….and of course, assault weapons vs assault rifles.  Concealed carry, open carry, law abiding, criminals, gun show loophole vs private sales – often they are a disaster because they don’t know what they’re talking about.

DiStaso, being one of the “Political Reporters” in the state, should know far better.  He knows that the TEA Party supported Ovide Lamontagne – to the hilt and given 2, maybe three more weeks in the primary, might have eliminated that 1600 vote advantage she ended up with.  But let’s be clear (sorry for the Obama-ism) here – Kelly was NEVER a “Tea Party favorite” – not then and certainly not now.  Yeah, we voted for her, but given her opponent, who wouldn’t have? She was “EStablishment” from the get-go; she knew it, they knew it, and we certainly knew.

But it shows that DiStaso is showing the rest of us one of two things: 

  • He’s lazy and just tossed off the line
  • He’s manipulative and wanted to tweak the TEA Party
  • Or he’s lazy and stupid (for not getting out more).

I have never seen him at any type of a TEA Party event or where TEA Party folks gather.  If he did, if he actually got out of the MSM / Progressive bubble and spent time with TEA Party in actually learning what pushes their button and how they think, that line would never have appeared.

And who knows, maybe we could teach him the difference between an AR-15 and a flintlock, too.