Who Else Does UL “Investigative” Reporter John DiStaso Work For..?

Investigative Journalist John DiStaso, Union Leader, has had a knack for “uncovering and reporting” potential evidence of Vote Fraud committed by family members of New Hampshire Republicans.

He was all over Neil Kirk’s daughter, who has a New Hampshire’s Driver’s license, but never mentions if Jeanne Shaheen’s daughter Molly, whom he mentions as having voted here,  has one as well.  We don’t know that answer.  He either didn’t investigate that or withheld the answer.

There has also been a dearth of similar reporting by Investigative Reporter DiStaso on prominent Democrats…and now we know why.   John DiStaso’s source for these ‘stories’ is the OFA/NHDP Press spokes-person/propaganda Minister Harrell Kirstein from the New Hampshire Democrat Party.

Kirstein puts his laser focus on prominent republicans, digs up suspicious dirt, feeds it to DiStaso, who then calls to confirm and then reports it in his political column.    He certainly can’t quote the Press Flack for the Democrat State Party who fed him the story but DiStaso is effectively working for the Democrats to report on Republicans to help cover up the massive Democrat Party ballot box stuffing apparatus that has been working in our state for years.

For those who care, this is not news to any of us on the right.

We all know both of Emma Rous’ adult kids came here, no intent to stay, no presence, becasue they have homes, jobs and families outside the state, voted for Democrats in New Hampshire then left.  We know of other as yet unreported family members of New Hampshire Democrats who voted here from other states or voted in their parents district instead of their own to stuff another ballot for mom or dad’s campaign.   But DiStaso wont be investigating those and others like them…becasue Harrell Kirstein is never going to feed him any details on Democrats.

For those wishing to deny that John DiStaso is a mouthpiece for the New Hampshire Democrat Party, by all means, please proceed to make your case.  Just understand this.  Harrell Kirstein isn’t the only one who can call a county clerk in Colorado to verify who voted, and…who else has called recently to ask about a name on a voter checklist.

You can Thank Ed Naile for that.  And Ed would like to thank Harrell.  He now knows how easy it is to follow up on every single NH College Student (or anyone else who drove through New Hampshire) from Colorado who may have voted in New Hampshire.

And no, this is not a distraction.  I’m already on the record regarding Sebastian Bradley.