New Hampshire Says State Gun Laws Should Stay the Same or Be Less Strict by 51-46%

by Steve MacDonald

The Title WMUR ran with was “Granite Staters unhappy with failure of gun background check bill.”  Were they?NH flag state - Image from Facebook page 'Women for New Hampshire"

A new poll shows almost half of Granite Staters think gun laws should be stricter, and a majority were angry or dissatisfied that an effort to expand background checks failed.

The WMUR Granite State Poll shows that 46 percent of those surveyed believe gun laws should be stricter, while 14 percent said they should be less strict. Another 37 percent thought they should remain about the same.

So 51% of New Hampshire residents surveyed think gun laws should stay the same or be less strict, but for some reason that is not what WMUR News 9 in Manchester is leading with.
Later in the article doubleyouemyouare observe that 70% were unhappy with the US Senate vote but what does that mean?  I was unhappy they had a vote.  I was unhappy they voted for cloture.  I was very unhappy about the vote.  WMUR does not share that detail with us, but taken in the context above, why would we care?  If 51 percent of New Hampshire adults think the laws are fine as they are or should be less strict, then any action at the federal level no longer applies to what the people of New Hampshire are actually interested in, a point we’ve made here time and again.
What we have works and even Democrats know that, but their agenda is not about crime or gun violence, unless by that you mean they want us to embrace polices that will increase both.  That would be an unpopular fact in any local or state wide election, and they’d rather not have to talk about that so New Hampshire Democrats want to out-source this unpopular agenda item to the national level.  They are afraid to run on it locally.  They are afraid to run on it locally becasue a majority of residents will punish them for it at the polls, which is why I keep inviting them all to run on it if they intend to promote that narrative, and why I will badger them endlessly when they do not.
If it’s right for New Hampshire, why wait for the Feds?  Why out-source your compassion.  Couldn’t waiting result in lost lives, damaged property, and maybe even dead children?  Where are your New Hampshire background check bills?  The cowards have not presented one, not when they had the majority, not after 2012.  What are you waiting for?
They are waiting for someone else to subvert local control and responsibility by force from far away DC so they can have their background check cake and not have to choke on it next election.
But that’s not why I’m writing this; we know Democrats are cowards who can’t run honestly on what they want and will pass the buck up the food chain to relieve them of the risk of having to face voter anger at election time.  I’m writing this becasue WMUR just printed an online story and spun it.
In New Hampshire poll by a margin of 51%-46%, residents said leave the laws as they are or make them less strict.  That’s the story from this poll you won’t get from News 9 in Manchester.  And if you hadn’t notices, it’s a very far cry from the mystical 92% we keep hearing from our progessive “friends.”

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