Bad News Bears

by Tom

The LENCO Bearcat Armored Law Enforcement Tactical vehicle.  Seats 10-12 fully-equipped officers.   Price tag approximately $285,000.

LENCO Berarcat Law Enforcement Vehicle

Used to be, only the large urban metropolitan areas had a SWAT team.  Then, smaller cities got them.  Now, many small and medium-sized towns are thinking about it, working to raise the funds to buy gear, equipment, and weapons.

One has to ask: Why and what are they preparing for?

And why does Concord, NH need one of these?


Thinking back to the 1940’s, we had Civil Patrols, where people (those who were not out fighting the war) carried flashlights, night sticks, wore helmets, and were ready to blow their whistle at the first sight of a German or Japanese soldier, plane, or submarine.

Now, we have Law Enforcement units, from Homeland Security down to the MBTA Transit Police and small New England Towns (or regional areas) that are better equipped than most PFCs heading into the field in Afghanistan.

And these units seem to be dovetailing, creating an operationally-integrated tactical force….just in case.

And the Concord, NH Police Chief doesn’t want to miss the boat.

This week, the Concord City Council met to discuss the acquisition of a LENCO Bearcat for our fine Capital City.  Skip reported here that Concord Police Chief John Duval thinks he needs one of these sweet vehicles to respond to the “domestic type” of terrorism that lurks around every corner.  So, there we have it – apparently Police Chiefs in NH cities and towns are now worried about “sovereign citizens” rising up against the establishment, raising all sorts of hell.

Well, they just upped the ante, didn’t they?  Oh, and if Progressives are thinking, “Good! this will stop the Tea Party” keep in mind that, once again, YOU will be the minority voice and you will whine (and perhaps even protest) about how the “evil Conservative” President is saving this country from your destructive mayhem – and YOU may be the threat that these Police Chiefs see (these vehicles will still be in their arsenal) because tyranny has no Party affiliation.

The Concord City Council was apparently a bit overwhelmed by the public testimony (against acquiring the vehicle) and delayed voting on accepting the insidious Federal Grant ($34 Billion dispersed to local Law Enforcement since 2001) to purchase the vehicle.  The follow-up hearing is in Concord, scheduled for September 9th, 2013 (details here – you might want to make plans to attend).

Here is a sampling of the fine testimony given by the people that Chief Duval perceives as a potential “threat”:

Oh, and if that weren’t bad enough, someone was able to quickly put together a list of links that show the same thought process (and acquisition of tactical vehicles) taking place (or already taken place) around the United States (see below).

Through the Posse Comitatus Act, passed in 1878, Federal law prevents the US Military from being used to occupy US Soil and enforce State laws, without Congressional exception.  In 2007, Congress ceded this authority, passing NDAA 2007, which was signed by President GW Bush, returning this authority to the Executive Branch.  But in 2008, this provision was repealed back to the original Insurrection/Posse Comitatus Act.  However, in 2012, Congress seems to have ceded  that authority once again (thanks Kelly Ayotte) passing NDAA 2012, which was signed by President Obama.

With the power of NDAA 2012, plus the burgeoning growth and interlocking nature of these tactical units across the United States (remember, these are mostly non-Federal, non-Military units, wink-wink), the President, whoever he or she happens to be, will have massive power and ability to stop anything, foreign or domestic – regardless of the Constitutional provisions that protect the right of these insurgents citizens to assemble and protest.

I don’t like the feeling that I’m getting lately, wondering which direction these LEO personnel will shoot, when given the order to “restore domestic tranquility“.

Domestic Military indeed — hello, Oathkeepers.

A small sampling of recent or planned Bearcat acquisitions around the country:

Concord, NH

Keene, NH

Portland, ME

Midland, TX

Syracuse, NY

St. Mary’s County, MD

Charleston, WV

Warner Robbins, GA

Yakima, WA

Fargo, ND

Tyler, TX

Parkersburg, WV

Columbia, MO

West Palm Beach, FL

Tampa, FL

Dunwoody, GA

Marin County, CA

Tracy, CA

Winston-Salem, NC

San Mateo County, CA

Denver, CO

Casa Grande, AZ

San Jose, CA

Bakersfield, CA

Davie, FL

El Dorado, CA

York County, PA

Berkeley, CA

New Haven, CT

La Mesa, CA

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  • balencesto

    My wife and I were at the meeting. Well, we were there for the first item on the agenda: preserving 270 acres in the Broken Ground wildnerness(which they voted unanimously to do – YEAH!!!!!!!)

    Anyway, it was packed with people – both inside and outside. It was a very interesting mix of right(libertarians, tea partiers) and left(hippies, occupy-types.) I bet that many people were the kind of folks who simply like to go to protests, and will attend any gathering just to say “I was there” or because it’s an excuse to make a sign, bang their drum, etc. But it was nice to see so many people from both sides of the political spectrum come together peacefully to prove Concord PD wrong. We don’t need this vehicle in our city.

    • And THIS is where the Tea Party and the ACLU find common ground: government overreach so egregious that is scares people all across the political spectrum.
      Let reasonable men differ on whether every man should be armed, and whether the police can always protect us, but offensive weaponry, interlinked to the federal government is in danger of suppressing everyone’s liberty.

  • Since the second amendment confers the right to self defense, among other things, and since parity with government arms, at least at the infantry level is a requirement of effective defense, the Concord police chief is effectively helping to make the case that these vehicles are a commonplace domestic weapon, and thus…..

    WHERE’S MINE?!?!?!?

    Ceding, for the moment, that such a vehicle might be necessary against a heavily armed and fortified drug gang, or a stray incursion by Al Quaeda In Canada (AQIC), does the chief actually think that he’ll have to face such threats in beautiful downtown Concord, where the biggest threat is a marauding gang of police officers beating up attendees at a peaceful protest?

    As I thought. No justification at all.

    Next question: what class of weaponry should a concerned citizen own in order to neutralize a Bearcat? Will WE be reduced to making IEDs to protect our neighborhoods from the US government, and its city police lackeys?

    • Sub-thought: if a fish rots from the head, and if the federal government is buying the allegiance of police chiefs with such toys, and the police chiefs are encouraging their officers to look at the citizens as a problem, doesn’t this mean that the entire law enforcement apparatus, outside of small independent town forces, should be viewed with suspicion as a corrupt and rotten force with twisted priorities?

    • allen

      Mike, I’m sure we can dig up an Alvis Saracen or Saladin for you, cheap. or how about a Ferret? all examples of fine British engineering.

      as far as neutralization might I suggest US Army manual TC 23-3, “To Catch A Tank: Big Game Hunting Made Easy.”. mostly neutralization is picking the proper terrain to fight on, and convincing the beasts to chase you into places they shouldn’t go. swamps and steep inclines are good ones, and both terrain we have in abundance.

      • I like it!
        Seriously, I was simply suggesting that we the people have the right to parity, certainly at the squad level.
        I’m not suggesting, as some might claim, nukes, I am stating that concerned citizens should be able to buy anything the police can buy.

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  • Guest

    Concord PD eiither submitted a fraudulent application for the grant to fund this Bearcat or simply, as Chief Duval said recently, should not have said it was needed for the reasons stated on the application. If Chief Duval does not rescind the application, this should be reported to the federal fraud, waste, and abuse hotline.

  • Guest

    Congrats. Your story and video just got picked up by The Blaze.

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