Judge John “Lefty” Lewis Comes Through for Democrats Again [Updated and Bumped]

The same judge who signed off on the League of Women Voters language killing sensible domicile requirements weeks before the November election–allowing almost anyone who was in the state to vote here (and they did)–has just done it again.  He’s “decided” that the Education tax credit is unconstitutional. (At least part of it–see update below)

The US Supreme Court had already decided ID and domicile in the Indiana Voter ID case, which Lewis ignored in favor of the preferred Democrat outcome–“just sign here judge, what, oh, sure….”  This situation is probably no different.

So what’s next for the Democrats to bring before Judge John “Lefty” Lewis?  Doesn’t matter.  Pick an issue.  He’s your guy.  Guaranteed win for the left, and months of nonsense and legal fees for anyone who is serious about the truth but has to drag the case before the State Supreme court to get at least some semblance of justice–never guaranteed of course.  New Hampshire is well know as having one of the worst judiciaries in the nation.

Judge Lewis must be their Poster Child.

UPDATE FROM JASON BEDRICK:  “The law survives, but school choice can only be used at non-religious schools. There’s about 150 private K-12 schools in NH. Just over half are religious. It’s better than striking the whole program down, but the decision is absurd. It means that government is prohibited from enacting a law that is neutral regarding religion. Instead, it must be actively hostile to religion to be constitutional. I’m confident the state supreme court will uphold the program in its entirety.”

H/T Bianca Garcia c/o Facebook