All New GrokTALK! -Week Ending 4-28-2013 (Updated and Bumped) - Granite Grok

All New GrokTALK! -Week Ending 4-28-2013 (Updated and Bumped)

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Update- Added individual segments and links to download the podcast.

This week on GrokTALK! we had David Hurst on the program, the former Chairman of NHYR (as of 4/20), former MRC Vice-Chair, and the current Vice-Chair of NHYR,  and a long time leader in the conservative Republican youth movement.

NH House Rep Jane Cormier stopped by with long time Conservative activist Don Walker–who worked on Pat Buchanan for President–to tell us about the seeds of a new, more Conservative Republican movement forming in New Hampshire.

And New Hampshire House rep and former Speaker of the New Hampshire House, Bill O’Brien sat down to talk about the state of the state, the New Hampshire House, budgets, responsibility, and his political future.

The full podcast is available here

To Download the complete podcast click here.

This weeks Individual segments have now been added…(podcast download links are now available for each post)

NH House Rep Jane Cormier and Conservative activist Don Walker  (Available after 8:30 pm est 4-28-2013)
State rep and former NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien  (Available after 9:00pm est 4-28-2013)
NHYR Vice Chair and Republican Youth Activist David Hurst  (Available after 9:30 pm est 4-28-2013)

Skip and Steve  (Available after 10:00 pm est 4-28-2013)

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