We Play Both Kinds of Stupid Here…Global and Warming.

by Steve MacDonald

I was once at a wedding reception waaaayyyyy up in Maine.  My then “girlfriend”–not quite yet my current wife of 18 years–went up and asked the DJ what kind of music he had.  His answer–I kid you not–was “Both.  We have country and western.”

While the following clip has neither kinds of music, it does have both kinds of stupid–Global and warming…as in could recent asteroid activity be caused by…global warming.  No, seriously.  CNN Anchor.  Asteroids.  Global Warming?

It is cold in space. Maybe the space people who fly the asteroids are just hoping to warm their tentacles during the fly-by?

No word yet on wheter CNN will broach that threory for its viewer(s).  They should consider it.  It might improve ratings.

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  • Scott Morales

    Was the wedding at Bob’s Country Bunker? Gotta talk ta Bob. Maybe the DJ just had a filthy mouth and a bad attitude.

    -Scott forever hating Illinois Nazi’s

    • allen

      oh bob’s just mad because the band never paid for all the beer they drank and didn’t pay for

  • FreedomFan

    This CNN imbecile is named Deb Feyerick. She is clearly too stupid to tie her shoes, much less have a position of responsibility on a TV news show. In other words, Deb Feyerick is the perfect Liberal.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Velcro straps were invented for a reason.

  • Chris P. Bacon

    Damn, now we are going to get hit by a meteor? JHC, i guess i can have ice scream tonight. Ben and Jerry’s….C Dogs favorite flava, FREEDOMSTAN It’s red, white, and blue jelly beans shaped like the upper ventral region of the torso mixed with all white vanilla ice cream and chocolate covered nuts.

    Can i say chocolate covered nuts here?


      The fact is – if we’re gonna get hit by a meteor – we’re gonna get hit by a meteor! Unless we can shoot it outta the sky with a missile or something, all the media coverage in the world ain’t gonna help us. We can all just sit and watch the minute-by-minute coverage of the giant rock hurtling towards earth – right up until the moment it hits and obliterates life as we know it. Might as well crack that pint, Chris!

      • Chris P. Bacon

        The fact is, “if” is the middle word in “life”….well, in English anyway, and what else really maters.

    • C. dog e. doG

      You, sire, are incorrugatable! But I like how gullible the gals are getting on T.V. … why, they’ll believe anything. Oh fake-blond newsreader, yes, yes I am George Clooney, and yes I do have a cabin you’ll just love in New Hamster, and yes I will respect you in the morning just as much as I do right now. Actually, that last one is true.
      – C. dog preying on the weak and befuddled

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  • 357Mag

    HAARP .com

  • C. dog e. doG

    You cut the clip too soon. I’d just love to see how Bill Preacher Boy dealt with such an insipid comment from this dithering parishioner. Don’t these news gals say the darndest things.
    – C. dog setting mind-hold traps for NAGs

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