Sustainable Development-101

by Tom

AR-15 Personal Defense Weapon


Lotsa talk about “sustainable-this” and “sustainable-that“, and blah-blah-blah.  You know it’s dangerous and insidious, but you’re a spectator and it’s overwhelming – I get it.  I’ve spent way too many sunny days, indoors, studying this nonsense, and there are others who have put in even more time.

Hell, I never even got to write Part-3 of my Epic Trilogy…


The magic of Facebook has presented me with this link to a well-written, concise overview of what the “Sustainable Development” domain is all about, and how to explain it to others…particularly those folks you know who travel to Concord between January and June, and make that whopping $100 salary.

With all the stuff they need to study up on, this has to be last thing on their mind.  They, too, probably understand that it’s a bad thing but just don’t have the bandwidth to become an anti-Sustainability Ninja, like Ken Eyring.

You can help.  Read this pamphlet, then pass it on to them.

It’s “for the children”…seriously.

By the way, this is a fight we can win…and have been (here, here, here, and here).


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  • Tim from Nashua

    Overpopulation! Global Warming! Ozone Hole! Squirrel!… Wait, where was I?….We’re all going to DIE if we don’t adopt Agenda 21!

    • C. dog e. doG

      We’re all goin’ ta hell if we do.
      – C. dog

  • Hal Graham

    The following fits right in with this post. Wish i had a way to post on Grok directly.

    The next meeting of the Lakes Region Tea Party will be
    Wednesday, February 20 at the Moultonboro Public Library at 7:00 p.m. Main
    Topic: Granite State Future Facts – Discover the real facts about this onerous
    top-down HUD Sustainable Communities Initiative that aims to give local planning
    control to the Federal Government.
    Presentation led by Tim Carter and Everett and Nancy Duren. Summary of
    Wind Turbine meeting will be given. CONTACT Tim at for more

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  • Martha Spalding

    They are Lords of poverty for us, the bounty goes to them.
    The UN is made up of a bunch of parasites and hangerson.
    They watched and did absolutely nothing as black Africans were slaughtered in Rwanda.
    Now they are doing nothing again as black Christian Africans are being burned alive by Arab Muslims from the north who have been hired by the Chinese. They chant, “kill the slaves”….and the UN does nothing, again.
    All this while the bounty for the Chinese, the oil pipeline, is carved out of their territory where they too used to live with their families and animals happily in their rural countryside where these poor innocent black Africans are now being burned alive…even children…and the world is silent…..I thought they said never again?
    Elephants who have incredible emotional lives and are wonderful creatures who actually have strong family ties that last for their entire lives are being slaughtered perhaps to extinction just for their ivory that the newly rich Chinese covet for decorations to show off.
    In America, we trusted the government to buy out the farmers and let the Department of Agriculture and Farm Bureau regulate with bait and switch subsidies. The farms that were left b/c they couldn’t compete with the government subsidies were sold off to developers.
    Now we no longer have an independent food supply that is local.
    The animals that once lived among us are housed in captivity behind closed doors in factory farms where they suffer and eat unnatural foods and chemicals and hormones so they grown unnaturally fast and we eat them. UGH!!!
    We used to have organic everywhere when we had actual farmers locally everywhere before the government bought them out.
    Government is never the answer. It frequently is the problem.

  • Martha Spalding

    the black african Christians who are being slaughtered now live in Darfur.
    The Chinese have hired the devils on horseback, Arab Muslim to the north in Sudan to brutalize and burn the black Africans, including children, alive.
    And the World who said “never again” is silent.
    the UN is silent.
    so we should put our faith and trust in the UN?
    It would be very foolish to trust these parasites in the UN.

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