Granite State Futures Tour Is In Meredith New Hampshire Tonight

by Steve MacDonald

Tonight– January 28, 2013 and your help is needed.

The Meredith Selectmen meet at 5:30 PM at the Meredith Community Center on Route 3 just north of the main intersection in town.

Tim Carter of Meredith will be presenting his facts on the Granite State Future.

He was refused an opportunity to make his actual full 10-minute presentation, so his comments will be confined to 3 minutes which are allowed each person at the PUBLIC input session of the meeting.

Sorry about the last minute notice but anyone and everyone who can is encouraged to get there and comment for three minutes.   If you care about controlling your own land and water, and keeping the feds hands off your local interests and retaining local control, speaking against GSF is an important step.

Search the Grok for ‘Granite State Futures‘ and you will find plenty of content and links to even more information.

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