I Got Nothing (Except This)

by Steve MacDonald

It has been one of those days when I have been both very busy and completely uninspired by anything that is happening in the world  (even though I now appear inspired–at least–by my lack of inspiration).

Lions and tigers and bloggers block oh my

It is not exactly writer’s block–how could it be I am writing–but more like bloggers block.  When you blog to blog, no pay, no freight, scant praise, and nothing to motivate you but the desire to share your opinion or to start a conversation, (or wind up some progressive), you never know what might get you motivated.   Most days it doesn’t take much.  Other days nothing, and I mean nothing, appeals.   And if it is not interesting, you might as well try to coax an actual tax cut out of a Democrat for all the good it will do you.

So today I am uninspired.  I got Nothing.  Nothing except this, which every avid writer, regardless of skill or technique, knows can serve as an exercise to just get you writing when nothing else will.

When you write a lot, and I think I fit that profile, connecting any two thoughts in print might be all you need to connect three, then five, and then the next thing you know you are torturing the language, abusing parentheticals,  dangling participles,  spelling because ‘becasue’ because (of the wonderful things he does) because your fingers are always (ALWAYS) hitting those same keys in the wrong order, and cranking out a 900 word thesis on the relationship between grammatical shenanigans and serendipitous references to the Wizard of Oz.

(I’ll get you my pretty!)

Everything you see or read has a story or an angle you’d like to explore.  Things just connect.  To quote someone from somewhere, the page just opens up.   The sun shines, music plays, dancers dance, Monkeys Fly, Witches melt, a little red haired girl clicks her heels three times and says “there’s no place like monochrome, there’s no place like monochrome”…and suddenly she’s a brunette in a world without color…oh, and blogger blog.  All without introducing chemicals into your blood stream that do not occur naturally in that little biosphere you call you.

Yeah.  I didn’t have that today…

…until now.

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