Live Blogging – from the NH GOP Annual Meeting

by Skip

Back on the road tomorrow at the NH GOP meeting at the Bedford High School – schlepping all the equipment and hoping to be able to live stream from there and talk to interesting people.  And yes, Groksters get to vote as well – new by-laws and new officers.

It should turn out to be…..interesting.

Live Stream (Running updates and interviews throughout the proceedings):

Live broadcast by Ustream

 Update 10:00am The meeting has been called to order, and delegates are assembled in the star chamber.

Update 10:30am In discussion with Chris Sununu, the focus was on branding, keeping the message simple, and making maximum use of free social media technology – seems like the party has been listening to Andrew Hemingway, but will they vote for him?

Update 11:30am Word from inside the star chamber is that the speeches are long-winded, and all about ‘the team’.

Update 12:30pm The official count of delegates was 428, may just exceed 430 with a few late arrivals.

Update 1:00pm  Jim Foley gave the Treasurer’s report and disgraced himself – Went on a rant about “Skippy who blogged from his mother’s basement”, and then ran when asked him to repeat it face-to-face. But better yet: Not only did Foley get roundly booed for his report (multiple witnesses) which included a tasteless joke and a reference to his girlfriend, Kerry Marsh, but his report was not seconded, hence cannot legally be part of the official record of the meeting. Derry GOP members take note.

Update 1:30pm  Lunch break finally happened. Lots of people circulating in the lobby- the big vote is yet to come.

Update 1:45pm  Right after lunch break was called, the area chair and vice chair votes were suddenly called, several without quora, and some results are being challenged.

Update 2:00pm  Delegates called back to the star chamber for the votes.

Update 2:20pm  Area 5 vote was re-held after objections were raised on the floor – Skip:23, Alan Glassman:40.

Update 3:00pm  Diane Bitter confirmed Secretary; JP Marzullo vice Chair by acclamation.

Update 3:30pm  Fran Wendleboe Assistant Secretary by a good margin; Chairman’s vote in progress.

Update 4:15pm  Jennifer Horn is Chairman. Vote totals were NOT disclosed. Hmmm.

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