Live Blogging – from the NH GOP Annual Meeting

by Skip

Back on the road tomorrow at the NH GOP meeting at the Bedford High School – schlepping all the equipment and hoping to be able to live stream from there and talk to interesting people.  And yes, Groksters get to vote as well – new by-laws and new officers.

It should turn out to be…..interesting.

Live Stream (Running updates and interviews throughout the proceedings):

Live broadcast by Ustream

 Update 10:00am The meeting has been called to order, and delegates are assembled in the star chamber.

Update 10:30am In discussion with Chris Sununu, the focus was on branding, keeping the message simple, and making maximum use of free social media technology – seems like the party has been listening to Andrew Hemingway, but will they vote for him?

Update 11:30am Word from inside the star chamber is that the speeches are long-winded, and all about ‘the team’.

Update 12:30pm The official count of delegates was 428, may just exceed 430 with a few late arrivals.

Update 1:00pm  Jim Foley gave the Treasurer’s report and disgraced himself – Went on a rant about “Skippy who blogged from his mother’s basement”, and then ran when asked him to repeat it face-to-face. But better yet: Not only did Foley get roundly booed for his report (multiple witnesses) which included a tasteless joke and a reference to his girlfriend, Kerry Marsh, but his report was not seconded, hence cannot legally be part of the official record of the meeting. Derry GOP members take note.

Update 1:30pm  Lunch break finally happened. Lots of people circulating in the lobby- the big vote is yet to come.

Update 1:45pm  Right after lunch break was called, the area chair and vice chair votes were suddenly called, several without quora, and some results are being challenged.

Update 2:00pm  Delegates called back to the star chamber for the votes.

Update 2:20pm  Area 5 vote was re-held after objections were raised on the floor – Skip:23, Alan Glassman:40.

Update 3:00pm  Diane Bitter confirmed Secretary; JP Marzullo vice Chair by acclamation.

Update 3:30pm  Fran Wendleboe Assistant Secretary by a good margin; Chairman’s vote in progress.

Update 4:15pm  Jennifer Horn is Chairman. Vote totals were NOT disclosed. Hmmm.

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    I love it how you guys, who HATE public schools, see no problem in using them for your own political purposes. Hypocrites. Kudos to Bedford High for it’s good relations for the community. Just another helpful, generous, caring public school.

    • GuntherSorenson

      Is this not readings of the mind? Is this not choosing some motives? Is not the Bedford High Schools a, “public” buildingen? So becomes you position at Granite Grok peoples made some choice for these Republicans Party of New Hampshire? I come from a place which some peoples are called “framåtskridande slösaktiga” Progressiv wasturs.

      • Gunn, Att svaren ser hemskt. Dess hackig och osammanhängande. Sakta ner ta din tid och hantverk en cojent svar.

        • C. dog e. doG

          Hey, no fair, you guys aren’t parleying Française.
          – C. Chien

        • Van

          All this writing makes me want to drink some Swedish Vodka

          • like the old folks from the old country say, Ja Ja (yah-yah)

          • granitegrok


    • C. dog e. doG

      Hey dummkopf, just how does an inanimate object become caring, generous, helpful? Is this some weird kind of animus religion thing, replete with pied piper music over the intercoms?
      – C. dog peppering Danny Boy with saltpeter

      • LOL….now that is funny. You should just ignore him,

    • Van

      Bad bad Dan. Unlike Obama’s Chesapeake campaign’s heavy use and nonpayment of taxpayer funded schools and colleges the NHGOP paid for using the school. There is a big difference there. In this case the NHGOP helped out the Bedford taxpayers where Obama the bloodsucker that he is leaches off of the taxpayers. Now dan go hang your head in shame.

    • granitegrok

      We don’t hate public schools – most of them are built fairly well. it is the public sector teacher unions with which we are disgusted with – high costs, insufficient value when results are compared with costs, and the utterly disdainful attitude that they believe that they are the ONLY way to educate children, that they are entitled to tax payer money, and lately, believe that the kids belong to them and that the parents who pay their salaries are “unfit” in the general (instead of writ small).

      • gadsdengurl

        Yes we do hate them… LOL

    • gadsdengurl

      The place is a money pit and has put people out of their homes.. Most people in Bedford despise it, especially those who were tricked into voting for it.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Skip –
    Keep it loud, keep it proud!
    – C. dog from the protection and comfort of his mother’s bunker

  • Quick point. Robert’s Rules, and I believe the NHGOP rules as well, do not require an officer’s report to be seconded to become part of the record. A report does not require a vote, therefore no need for a second. That being said, didn’t see the report, so I don’t have any opinion on its content.

  • batmanfan

    Disturbing to hear that Jennifer Horn has been elected to be the chair of the NH republican party. Whoever did the voting must not realize that is not on the up and up when it comes to her finances. If the democrats get a hold of her info, it could spell disaster for the entire GOP.

    • NHVET

      Didn’t matter who or how they voted. Horn was set to win by the insiders who want to run the GOP through her.

    • Van

      I voted for Hemingway but give Horn a chance. She gave a very impressive speech today (Andrew did as well) and she promised to define democrats before they can define us and hold democrats accountable. That will be a nice change.

  • Van

    The Highlight of the NH Committee Meeting the short and sweet unifying speeches and the thanking all of the candidates that ran for office . The low-lights was Jim Foley’s less than unifying comments. Unlike all the rest of the speakers, Jim did not make me feel comfortable. I am sure Jim is a good Republican and he clearly isn’t the enemy (democrats are) but he clearly had a bad day and I hope he recognizes that fact.

  • Van

    Skip thanks for running for Area Chair. The percentage of votes you received for just running on the spur of the moment was quite impressive. That must means that Grok rocks!!!

  • Tucker

    Both Jennifer and Andrew presented themselves quite well. Jim Foley needs to have his emotional behavior examined by a health care professional.


    HA HA HA!!!!! Jennifer Horn wins! Your golden boy Heming-and-hawwing-way LOST! It’s pretty bad when the people would rather have a corrupt pol like Jenny over your Tea-Party-Free-State-Libertarian ubermensch! LOL!!!!

    • C. dog e. doG

      Grate news, Danny boy, your job of teaching frontal-lobe-truncated ‘utes how to play their flutes is safe for another two years!
      – C. dog

      • IWKAGGP

        But wait a minute – I thought you guys said that EITHER CANDIDATE would make a good choice? Are you now saying that Horn is a namby-pamby, liberal, socialist?

        • C. dog e. doG

          I never said, or wrote, either. Check the blog of record for New Hampshire!
          – C. dog wary of all those who seek office

          • IWKAGGP

            I will . . . could you send me the link?

          • C. dog e. doG

            – C. dog

    • gadsdengurl

      Andrew is none of those things… so what’s your point?

  • Seth Cohn

    UL reports 30 vote difference between Horn and Hemingway… 15 people? Did promises of jobs to certain individuals cause them to publicly endorse Horn, and sway a few friends of theirs? Time will tell.

    • batmanfan

      Hopefully Jennifer didn’t promise too many jobs for votes. She will have to come up with the funds to pay these people and also to pay back the IRS.

  • Tim from Nashua

    Binders full of women elected to NH GOP offices!

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