Did Saturday’s boos send a response to Jim Foley’s claim?

by Skip

Well, when the call for a second for Jim Foley’s Finance report, all that was heard were “BOOS”.  Umm, no second was heard.  The call for a second was issued a second time for Jim Foley’s Finance report, all that was heard were “BOOS”.  Umm, no second was heard – a second time.

Togetherness?  Kumbaya moment?  Not so much, I guess.  But he did promise just that, once upon a time:

Jim Foley For NH GOP Chair

Unity. Yup.  His way, it seems, though.  No dissension from the rank & file needed or wanted – eliminate that and all that’s left is Unity!  So, how WOULD you have done that Jim Foley?

The chairman also needs to keep party factions together, so Republicans can move forward despite differences between, say, tea partiers and the country club set, he said. “You have to hold that coalition together.”

(paraphrasing that old campy TV show): Da BOOS, boss, da BOOS?  It seems that most of them emanated from the TEA Partiers and like minded folks from where I was standing in the auditorium (right in the middle of the room) upon looking around.  Looking at the picture from the website,  I do believe that the latter faction (the one without the TEA), you might have sewn up.

“If the Republicans do nothing wrong in the next two years, we’re probably going to lose 20 or 25 seats in the New Hampshire House,” Foley said.

Well, it was only about 5 times that amount.  But again, he did say:

Don’t think that the State Party did that badly in this election

And repeated it to me on Saturday in the foyer of Bedford High after he was booed off the stage:

The NH GOP didn’t do badly….just the candidates

I have nothing to add to that.  I’m not sure there IS anything that can be added to that.

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