Slippery Slope – Part II

This post mentioned that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was in favor of legislation, if it were to come to him,  that contained verbiage that would allow the State to confiscate peoples’ guns.  Or, if you want to put lipstick on a pig, require gun owners to sell their to the State.

Well, that same thinking has now hit the Federal level – US Senator Diane Feinstein has now slipped down the slope from just from restricting > 10 round  magazines  to making gun ownership much more regulated and a hassle to a Federal buyback program.  From a Presser she held yesterday (starting at 12:22):

Question: When you talk about the state of the art and the weaponry out there, I believe that your bill does not call for any confiscation of weapons that have already out there.  So, other than stopping people from buying new ones, if there’s already too much access to these weapons as you say, what would be effective?

That’s a good question and I thank you for it. What we are looking at now is placing these weapons under the Federal Firearms Act.  The same act that exists for automatic weapons since there are now devices to make them legally automatic.  It seems to me that it is prudent to palce them under the Federal Firearms Act and this would require that they be registered, the owners have a background check. it is inconceivable after what the NRA said to me today that they don’t think that people who have guns should have background checks or that they should be registered.

We are also looking at a buyback program.  Now, again, this is a work in progress so these are ideas in the development.

Question: People that already own them would have to register?

They’d have to register their military style assault weapons.  Well, they’d be put under the provisions of the Federal Firearms Act. I’m sure you can read the Act so you can see what that is.

And then she continues to claim that “we are not going to knuckle under to the NRA.”  Well, shall we make a victim of ourselves?  Here is one of the most powerful politicians in the country, an elected official safely ensconced in an extremely safe Progressive San Francisco district who can create Law, complaining that she is held hostage to an organization whose membership is strictly voluntary?  They do have influence, no doubt, but the NRA cannot write law.

How long will it take to marry Cuomo’s idea to Feinstein’s and make it a mandatory buyback?

Link to the Presser here (not embeddable yet)

by Skip

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