Notable Quotes: On Current NH-GOP Leadership

by Steve MacDonald

In my honest opinion the amalgam of  Establishment Republican Leadership in New Hampshire, which includes the shadow party “leadership” that makes the phone calls behind the scenes, decides whose turn it is, puts pressure on people to do their bidding or get out, and claims to control the money, are about as effective politically as eunuchs at a fertility festival.



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  • C. dog e. doG

    I doff my cap at a new classic Steve Mac epiphany. I must put to memory your last line, but don’t worry, unlike our classy Uncle Sammy VP, I’ll footnote.
    – C. dog

    • nhsteve

      Not serial plagiarist then?

      I’ve always been partial to “One-legged man at an ass kicking contest,” but “Eunuchs at a fertility festival” work well given the current scope of the culture.

      Hey! I wonder how Eunuchs feel about having to pay for abortion and contraception? Talk about a victim class opportunity with no electoral impact. Someone tell the Sununu’s!

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