Secession – It’s the Latest Fad

by Steve MacDonald

Exit Sign - States set up petitions to seceedSince election day (private citizens from) 20 states have started petitions to secede from the United States.  I guess elections do have consequences.

What began as a pair of parallel stunts appears to have gathered steam. Other than Louisiana and Texas, states with secession-related petitions pending on the White House website now include Alabama, ArkansasColorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Three states — Georgia, Missouri and South Carolina are each represented by two competing petitions.

Daily Caller

As of Sunday November, 11 you can add New Hampshire to that list.

So what do you think?  Will more states join in the latest fad?  Will they get the 25,000 signatures each needed to elicit a response from the White House?  How will the Obama Administration view this and will they adjust their agenda even a teeny-weenie bit, or is this just going to become a big new ‘enemies list’ for the Federal government to follow up on?

Update: This wont surprise you; Texas already has over 25,000 signatures on their petition.

Update 2: Clarified an ambiguity.  It is not State governments that are formally petitioning but private citizens in them who are starting these petitions.  I also cleaned up the spelling a bit.

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  • No official action has been taken in any of those states. Here in NH, Part 1st Article 7 of our state constitution explicitly states that we are one of the member states of the United States of America. Before we could even begin the many legal steps needed to secede from the Union, we would have to get a constitutional amendment passed. (Hmm, the USA is often called “The Union.” Maybe THAT’S why some people are so pro-secession: maybe some people can’t stand being part of any union.)

    Aside from being a bad idea, there is nothing in federal constitution which even allows a state to secede. During the Civil War, several states tried to secede but they failed— and even then the rebel states immediately formed he Confederate States of America whose constitution was much the same as the US constitution (only with several references to slavery added.)

    • granitegrok

      Here in NH, Article 10 – Timothy, what say you about that?

      And right on cue, all of the Left can scream about this is “Slavery”? Your entire political lens is focused around race, isn’t it?

      • C. dog e. doG

        Timmy hasn’t read that far down the parchment ‘cuz it has scary stuff in it.

      • I was expecting a pompous lecture about how the civil war was only about states rights and had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery. You surprised me a little.

        Repeating myself: the confederate constitution was very similar to the US constitution, aside from the sections about slavery. The relationship between the member states and the Confederacy was much the same as that between the member states and the Union.

        • C. dog e. doG

          Hey timmy – why would the non-state-dependent citizens of the New New Hampshire step out of one bad marriage only to immediately go into another? Smart guys and gals realize that the bonds that tie are for suckers; it’s a fool me once, fool me twice insanity kinda thang.
          – C. dog always knows where to go for a pompous lecture: timmy land

  • C. dog e. doG

    Bien Venu au Nouveau Hampshire! An island of freedom surrounded by the Nanny States kowtowing to Uncle Sammy. Remember to check you guns and freedom at the border when crossing the newly installed drawbridges to VerteMont, and hitting the speed bumps into MA-MA Land. Come back real soon, ya here.
    – C. dog transferring his slice of sovereign risk back to BozO and Co.

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  • Dave6034

    As long as we receive free money from Ben Bernanke’s printing press, secession would be utter madness. The money would still flow freely, just not into our pockets. After this currency devaluation is complete, Jesusland and Obamaland will probably go their separate ways. We just don’t have anything in common anymore.

    Still professing their undying love for Obama, wealthy liberals will set up bank accounts, factories, and domiciles in low-tax Jesusland while keeping the smallest possible footprint in high-tax Obamaland. Meanwhile, citizens of Jesusland will visit Obamaland to score weed and poon-tang.

    BTW, why do you think that New Hampshire, having chosen Obama by 54% in 2008 and 52% in 2012, would vote to secede?

    • C. dog e. doG

      Only if the spigot is turned off to float the Libs boats so they have to return to MA-MA Land and VerteMont. At that point, remainder of self-floating beings should establish a kind of Hong Kong of America to do business as you pointed out above, or maybe become a financial hub for the Limo-Libs to hide their stash without having to go all the way to SwisseLand. Think of all the carbon that would save! It would make them feel oh sooo much better.
      – C. dog unearthing solutions to troubled serf pollution

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