The Free Town of Grafton: “Spread your wings and break away, Lloyd….”

by Tim Condon

This is a very nice short film about my home town of Grafton, New Hampshire, the southernmost town in the Free State with no zoning. There is no better place to live south of the notches, and no finer people inhabiting any town anywhere. Shot almost entirely at the annual Grafton Apple Festival—largely at the church I attend, the Grafton Peaceful Assembly Church—this is a fitting tribute to an old friend and roommate, Lloyd Danforth, who passed away just a few months ago. “Spread your wings and break away,” Lloyd. He did do just that, first by moving to the Free State in 2004…and now he’s broken all his earthly bonds. Sorely missed by all of us. Godspeed on your journey, Lloyd.

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