Shooting in DC – Lefty Media in No Particular Rush to Cover It.

by Steve MacDonald

Family Research Council in the cross-hairsFloyd Corkins II, of Hendron Virgina, walked in to the Family Rights Council offices in Washington DC and proceeded to shoot a security guard before the same guard subdued him (some reports say with help), preventing him from getting past the lobby of the building.

Corkins  “had been volunteering at a community center for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people,” according to AP and CBS news.  He is also reported to have shouted disagreements with the work the Christian group does before opening fire.

To their credit, Glaad, representing several gay rights groups, quickly released a statement condemning the shooting.  The shooter is in custody, and no one was seriously injured in the incident, so the bigger story is the lack of wall to wall media coverage of a shooting in the heart of Washington DC.

Every major incident prior to this one has received massive main-stream coverage, complete with assumptions that the shooter is a TEA Party or right winger gone off the deep end.  Every major left leaning Cable network has embarked on these fishing expeditions from the moment the story breaks.  But as Gabriel  Malor cataloged here at the New York Post, in every instance the media’s quick trigger finger for blaming the TEA Party or some imagined right wing extremist, missed the target every single time.  In a majority of these cases, the people responsible were left leaning, or registered Democrats.

So when the call came in that there had been a shooting at a Christian, conservative group, and very likley politically motivated, was it per-ordained that the perpetrator could not possibly be another ‘Tea Party” right winger?

If you were thinking that CNN might be trying to change the way it reports, well think again.  CNN didn’t even mention the shooting for two hours, when it is reported to have occurred just a mile away from their DC office; and HuffPo could hardly be bothered to mention it. (For more info on who did a decent job covering the incident look here.)

If you’re already thinking, “so what” consider what Mary Katharine Ham pointed out at Hot Air.  What if the shooting occurred, not at the Christian, conservative FRC, but the pro gay agenda HRC (Human Rights Campaign)?   How fast would CNN, HuffPo and every other major network and news outlet be on scene sketching out the shooters likley connections to the political right and delving into every crevice of their history for even the thinnest connection to the TEA Party or Rush Limbaugh?  Faster than it takes you to read this entire post is how fast.

Oh, he’s a Democrat who watches MSNBC….nothing to see here. (Not suggesting Corkins in that guy, this is just an example.) While preliminary reports  indicate that Corkins appears to have at least tenuous has ties to gay advocacy, and based on witnesses spoke unfavorably about the FRC’s position on gay issues, how that connects to the shooting is not clear, if there even is one.  At this point we should be happy everyone is alive and things are under control and wait for the details to emerge as the police release more information.

But at the end of the day, with a few exceptions, the so-called real media has demonstrated once more their true purpose on this earth.  It is to decide what is news-worthy based on its impact on their own left wing agenda.

It is this complete lack of balance and objectivity that people have grown weary of.  It is the same lack of integrity and principle, the same double-standard that seems to apply to New Hampshire Democrats, and the Democrat party in general, all of whom wail about the incivility of the discourse and the violence inherent in their opponents when it appears politically convenient (true or not, and almost always not) , but ignore it, dismiss it, or make excuses it, when it is (or could potentially be) one of theirs.

(Did you know that reporting what Democrats actually do, say, or claim to believe is considered divisive?  It is.)

So there is nothing genuine about any of them.  They simply cannot be trusted to tell you the truth, or even when they find the truth, to tell it straight.


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