Obama Tribute to Neil Armstrong…Is About Obama

by Steve MacDonald

Barack_Obama_is_a_pathetic_narcissistCourtesy of the Daily Caller…looks like Team Obama found a use for this stock photo from four month ago.  (The quote underneath it might be new.)  Yes, let us remember Neil Armstrong with..a picture of Mr. Obama.

I wonder what he’s thinking about?  Maybe how NASA’s division of Muslim Outreach is doing or if they have finally found a marketing strategy to use real science to sell the fraudulent variety so people will believe that affordable energy is bad for the planet.

I did have a few alternate captions in mind, given that it was impossible for Team Obama to have a tribute to Neil Armstrong without including Obama in it.

“You didn’t build that.”


“It all looks so small…compared to me.”

Feel free to provide your own. Reference to Joe Biden’s missing faculties are certainly fertile ground.

 Image ref and credits at DC link above.

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