If You Listen Closely You Will Hear The Sound of Creeping Tyranny

by Steve MacDonald

Any story like this has to begin with our hopes and prayers for all the injured.  A Fireworks accident at a private residence in Pelham New Hampshire resulted in 11 injuries, 5 of those being children, one as young as 8 month old–according to this morning’s Union Leader.  So please take a moment to offer your thoughts and prayers for their quick recovery.

Now, let us ready ourselves for the sound of creeping tyranny…

Why? This is far too dramatic an event for the progressive tyrants on the left to ignore.  In a town with no particular taste for fireworks restrictions, a private family celebration goes awry as a “properly lit firework” finds its way to a pile of unlit fireworks, resulting in explosions, fire, and 11 injuries.

Our progressive totalitarian friends on the left can't help but want to regulateThe totalitarians will feel compelled “to do something.”  Prominent persons will be unable to control their urge to regulate.  They are like Stimpy and the great big Candy-Apple Red Button.  No matter the outcome they have to push it!

Until the usual suspects reveal themselves, I leave you with two quotes from the UL article.  Assuming they have been properly attributed (dig!) your task is to identify the statist.

William McDevitt, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, has been serving the town for the better part of two decades and said he doesn’t recall the issue of a firework ordinance coming up. People generally resist too much regulation, McDevitt said, but some may now take a different view.

“I think we’ll have to get a sense of what the community thinks,” McDevitt said.

“This is a tragedy that most likely could have been prevented had some precautions been taken,”(Pelham Fire Chief James) Midgley said.

Fireworks are legal in New Hampshire, and Pelham does not have a local ordinance regulating them, something Midgley would like to see reevaluated.

“I think this is something that they should take a hard look at on the state level,” Midgley said


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