Time to Come to the Aid of Your Republican Party in New Hampshire….

by Tim Condon

Tim to get into the fray....I meant "time" to get into the fray. But I'll leave it like that....

How NOT to be a summer soldier or sunshine patriot for your party.

TO: All New Hampshire Republicans

FROM: Tim Condon (with information originally provided by Ray Chadwick)

We’re all familiar with the effort to recruit candidates for the NH State House and Senate. But you should also give thought to becoming a Delegate to the Republican State Party Convention(s). Basically, the job of NH GOP Delegates is…

…to approve the Party Platform and elect members of the NH GOP State Committee. Consequently, these are important positions in shaping the future course of the Party.

The position of Delegate to the State Party Convention is covered in RSA Section 653:6, can be found HERE.  The number of Delegates electable from each town or city jurisdiction equals the number of Representatives electable from that place. Delegates have only two basic obligations: They attend the NHGOP Convention (on September 30, 2012 this year), and they attend their respective GOP County Caucuses which are scheduled for after the Convention.

NH GOP Delegates are elected, and will be chosen in the upcoming primary elections. In order to run, you must sign up at your town clerk’s office between June 6th and June 15th…a period that starts next week.

If you file to run for NH GOP Delegate, you will be on the ballot for the September 11, 2012 primary election. These are important positions, so please consider running for them. Please see the additional information below and contact me if you have any questions.

Here are some more details regarding the State Party structure and what the role of delegate entails.
More information is on the NH GOP website; on the Home page, find Get Involved and click “Go” :

In the primary elections, voters elect Delegates to attend the State Party convention, and also candidates to run for State House, State Senate, and other positions. Candidates running for state house who win their primaries will also automatically be Delegates to the NH GOP Convention. Both groups (people elected as Delegates and people running for state house and state senate who won their primary)—but only those groups—attend the NH GOP Convention. The Convention will be held September 30, 2012, at a location to be announced. The Convention is a venue for reaffirming or changing the Party Platform, and some other tasks regarding electors.

After the General Election, the same groups (elected delegates plus legislators who won their primaries) also vote at a Caucus in their County or City to elect members of the Republican State Committee for the following two years (in this case, from December 2012 through December 2014). Caucuses are held for each County and City to elect their NH GOP  State Committee members, who then represent that County or City in annual and special meetings of the Republican State Committee. After the Delegates (i.e. people both elected as Delegates and candidates for state house who won their primary) elect the new members of the State Committee at their County Caucuses, their role is complete.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me. We need NH GOP party activists to run for the Delegate positions, most of which go unfilled every two years. I’m signing up. You should too.

Timothy Condon, Esq., 12 Liberty Lane, Grafton, New Hampshire  3240
Office: 307 South Fielding Ave., #2, Tampa, FL 33606   Ph. 813-251-2626
www.NHLRF.org   ——    www.GraniteGrok.com  ——    www.RLCNH.org

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