NH Has a Business Finance Authority


Bill Walker has a great article over at Bedford Patch on the New Hampshire Business Fiance Authority.

New Hampshire Business Finance AuthorityAccording to the first page of the 2011 Annual Report, the BFA has transferred over 1.4 billion dollars from we lazy, undeserving taxpayers (and all holders of dollar balances) to those who truly earned the money (by filling out BFA forms). The BFA states that it has “helped” 4,375 businesses since 1992. I’m sure that is true. Unfortunately, the report fails to mention that the BFA HARMED all the other businesses and workers in the state, by diverting money to the politically favored.

This is certainly GrokWatch worthy.  So we can’t wait for Bill’s 91-A report to get posted over at the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance site.  There is probably a wealth of material there for us to sift through.

NHBFA web site.