GrokTV Special Interview: Rep. John Hikel for NH Senate – Question 5 – What is your Platform?

One of the most important questions that the electorate can ask a candidate is “what is your platform”?  Now, there is a lot to ask John Hikel and by no means is this an all encompassing round on this question.  But, it’s a start and at some point, we’ll circle back with John and start another round of questions around the idea of “ok, more specifics and let’s investigate those platform specifics concerning this issue, and that issue, and”…

  • Question 1– Has it been everything you thought in the House?  glad you put the time in?  Best part of being a Rep.?
  • Question 2 – Biggest impact you have have had on legislation as a House Rep?
  • Question 3 – Should Govt be in the role of selling services and goods?