Representative Guinta, have you gone insane?

by Tim Condon

Has it been THAT easy to co-opt you in Washington, DC? You’ve just voted for another short-term "fix gimmick," allowing the insane spending to continue yet again.  In doing so you have failed to stand your ground—or the ground you said you stood on when you were running—and have backed down from a fundamental stance you said you held when you were running.

You’ve just issued a press release where you boast—boast!—about voting in favor of a second short-term funding resolution by Congress…which, by the way, is a fundamental refusal and failure to perform the Constitutional duty of coming up with a budget. You have just issued a press release where you boast that cutting $10 billion "is the largest reduction in discretionary spending in American history." Are you crazy? Stop blowing smoke up our keisters!

With yearly spending of over $3 TRILLION staring us in the face, and a budget deficit for THIS YEAR ALONE of $1.6 TRILLION, cutting the insane spending by $10 billion is A ROUNDING ERROR. Telling us that cutting $10 billion in three weeks is some great victory is like crowing about increased gas mileage as you drive the car over a cliff! Sen. Rand Paul cut $100 BILLION in about 5 minutes by making his proposal to BEGIN THE CUTTING THIS YEAR by AN INITIAL AMOUNT OF $500 BILLION…and we need to add to that ANOTHER TRILLION DOLLARS in cuts, this year.

You say in your press release that "My Republican colleagues and I are staying true to our beliefs and are producing the very first real-time spending cuts in American history." OH PLEASE! Don’t bother! Try sending that smoke up someone ELSE’S rear end!  $10 billion in spending cuts is NOTHING in the face of the tsunami of spending forced upon us by Obama and his socialist allies in Congress.

Is there no one—NO ONE?—in New Hampshire who can be elected and go to Washington, DC, and not be immediately corrupted and co-opted by  the drunken, staggering, ignorant, traitorous FOOLS who are in control of our national government? SHEESH! Anyone who wants to read Rep. Guinta’s press release, feel free to do so on the jump below. I can’t bear to reproduce it here.



“$10 billion in real-time cuts is the largest reduction in discretionary spending in American history.  And we’re just getting started.”

(Washington – March 15, 2011)    Rep. Frank Guinta (NH-01) released the following statement on today’s passage of H.J.R. 48, FY 2011 Further Continuing Appropriations Amendments:

“This bill shaves an additional $6 billion off the record high deficit.  It stays on pace for our goal of cutting $2 billion a week, each week, for the rest of this year.  Best of all, the $6 billion cut in this bill, coupled with the $4 billion cut in the short-term continuing resolution we passed two weeks ago, represents a milestone.  The $10 billion in real-time cuts is the largest reduction in discretionary spending in American history.  And we’re just getting started.

“Today’s vote was just one battle in the long war to hack the $1.5 trillion deficit down to size.  Many more battles lie ahead, and they will come soon.  This vote isn’t the end of our fight; in fact, we’re just getting warmed up.     

“It’s important to remember that we got in this situation due to decades of spending beyond our means.  The damage can’t be corrected in one step.  House Republicans got the process started by acting responsibly last month and passing a bill that would have funded the government through September while also cutting $61 billion in spending.   But the Senate rejected it.  We are in the current fiscal limbo because Senate liberals turned a deaf ear to the desires of the American people and fought to keep the red ink flowing.  Despite their resistance, my Republican colleagues and I are staying true to our beliefs and are producing the very first real-time spending cuts in American history.  My gloves remain on for Round 3 on April 8th.”    

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  • jackieaxe

    It’s sad to realize the republicans are not even “democrat lite”. The democrats want to overspend $1.6T and the republicans want to overspend $1.5T. We need more Rand Pauls and Marco Rubios and less big spending republicans.

  • James

    What is actually insane is that you thought this wouldn’t happen. Guinta was a go-along-to-get-along legislator during his time in Concord and he’ll be no different in Washington. He actually might end up being worse since he basically spent every nickle he ever earned (or was given by his parents)running and is now so far in debt that he’ll do whatever the powers that be want as long as they help him raise money.

  • Situation normal for congress-critters. They talk a good game but “by their votes ye shall know them.” By his feeling of great accomplishment for knocking a few $bil off of a $1.5 trillion deficit he shows a serious lack of perspective, to say the least. My own representative, a retired military officer, elected on a very conservative platform voted against a $21 bil across-the-board cut excluding military (the Jordan Amendment). When I confronted him on the vote he said he only votes for “specific” cuts. Seems hopeless sometimes.

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