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Batten Down the Hatches


"Batten Down the Hatches" originated as a nautical phrase – an expression of preparing for trouble, particularly as a storm approaches, to protect oneself in every possible way.  A "batten" is a strip of wood, and a "hatch" is door.  When the hatches are sealed, you are theoretically protected from the outside world.

Across the Nation, Liberals are in this very process now, using the Tucson shooting as an opportunity to predictably (emotionally) push back on our 2nd Amendment rights, under the guise of protecting us all.

I received a copy of a statement that was written by NH State Representative Marcia Moody (Rockingham District 12 – Newmarket).  Marcia is a classic "social justice", "free healthcare for all", global warming fire-breathing Liberal, who was inspired to run for office by none other than Howard Dean

In the letter, she mentions the Tucson shooting.  Timing is everything, I suppose.

*Parents Have a Right to Be Informed*

"There was a major event that took place in the NH House this week. The
Rules Committee repealed a rule prohibiting guns in the State House. The
new rule that they passed is to allow deadly weapons, specifically guns,
in all parts of the State House complex. This includes the floor of the
House of Representatives, the anti-chambers, the gallery, the hallways,
and the committee rooms in both the State House and the Legislative
Office Building (LOB). We Democrats made an attempt to amend the rules
by at least prohibiting firearms in the gallery where 27,000 school
children come to observe the workings of their government every year. We
felt that school children especially the 4th grade classes that are
selected for this field trip, did not need to be confronted by adults in
the gallery carrying weapons, whether the weapons were concealed or not.
Anyone wearing a pistol and holster under his or her jacket risks it
being seen by innocent children coming to visit the State House. No one
can bring weapons to a school, the post office, a court house or any
federal building or on an airplane. Yet, the opposition party thinks it
is perfectly all right to bring weapons to the State House where
legislators are only performing their duties carrying out the people’s

"I recommend that schools prepare a parental consent form to be signed by
parents acknowledging the fact that they are aware that when their child
visits the gallery of the State House that there may be armed adults
sitting next to them, and that they do or do not give their consent for
their child to participate in the school sponsored field trip to the
State House. In 2009 a large group of protesters were in the gallery to
witness a vote on a particularly controversial bill and exposed their
weapons when the House voted against the bill. That same year a sponsor
of another controversial bill received death threats and had to have
police protection at his home. The atmosphere in this legislative
session is very toxic and I feel strongly that parents should be made
aware of this fact. The events that just took place in Arizona
emphasizes the volatility of the current thinking among people who wish
to carry weapons to public gatherings."


State Representative Marcia Moody – District 12

Here’s what I think after reading this reactionary letter, in the days following the shooting in Tucson, AZ, where we see a coordinated, exploitative, Nation-wide attempt by the Left to further their anti-gun agenda:

Rep. Moody is suggesting that schools prepare a consent form, making parents acknowledge that their child will be visiting the State House, where the big, bad Republicans are putting all children in imminent danger.  Well, I suggest that schools prepare about 20 similar forms, to be used whenever they take children to Canobie Lake Park, Fort #4, The Lost River, The Flume, Nashua Symphony, America’s Stonehedge, Beaver Brook, Charmingfare Farm, The SEE Science Center, Amoskeag Fisheries, Children’s Museums, Currier Gallery of Art,  or any other location in New Hampshire, because we are all legally allowed to open-carry a weapon virtually anywhere – and we may also conceal-carry, provided we have the appropriate permit.

My God!  Get the children in and lock the doors!  All school field trips are cancelled, indefinitely…

Restricting weapons in the State House will accomplish nothing, except for chiseling a chunk off the 2nd amendment rights we currently have, which are strongly protected in our State.

This is emotional, reactionary, and foolish – and we see right through it.

About a month ago, a mad-man entered a Bay County, Florida, school board meeting, shooting at the board.  While it is fortunate his bullets missed every target, it could have been a nasty bloodbath.  If the members of this school board, or the people in the gallery, were allowed to carry a firearm, this nut-job may have been taken down before he ever had a chance to shoot.  Had he known that others may have been carrying, his pathetic bravado would have been lower, possibly avoiding this situation.

Studies consistently show that people are safer in areas where private citizens are allowed to carry weapons.  So why do these emotional, over-zealous Liberals keep trying to make every square inch of American soil a "gun free zone"?  Just because weapons are prohibited in airplanes (for obvious reasons) and all Federal buildings, doesn’t mean we should prohibit them from State facilities, which are controlled by our State, not Washington – more lame, Liberal logic (LLL).

Rep. Moody says that "the atmosphere in this legislative session is very toxic".  Rep. Moody is correct – Democrats are adding toxicity to the common sense that is being expressed by Republicans, who are now in charge of the situation.

If I ever find myself in a situation where some monster decides he or she wants to take shots at me, or the people around me, I sincerely hope that I am able to exercise my 2nd Amendment right to defend myself, by carrying a weapon, and shoot back at the miscreant before he kills me or my family.

I wonder what will now go through the mind of a person who enters our State House with the intention of shooting someone; would this person be more or less likely to follow through with their mission, if they knew that any person next to them may be carrying a weapon, and is likely to shoot back?  You can apply the same logic to a criminal who is forced to second guess whether I have a usable, loaded weapon under my bed, as they try to break into my house (situations of such deterrence take place nearly 500,000 per year in the US, according to a 1994 study).

Liberals need to stand down, immediately.

Look, I am 110% sympathetic that a child was killed in the Tucson tragedy.  I have children as well.  But no illogical politician, parental-consent form, or reduction of my 2nd amendment right is going to protect me or them, and the event in Tucson this week is proof of that.  What would have happened if bystanders were carrying weapons?  There may be five fewer people killed in America this week.