At the Seacoast Republican Women event – The Crowd – and who else it attracted…

by Skip

Every indication is that the Democrat Party (and its core base, Progressives / incremental Socialists) is rather fearful of the upcoming election – and here in NH, they have every right to be.

Otherwise, how would you explain this crowd:

on an otherwise perfect late summer’s night??  A better shot after the jump showing the 350 PLUS in attendance.  Also, there were others…

Yup, the Democrats?  Now, for some, it’s just a job (I think) – look carefully in the picture above – see the guy in the blue shirt at the far end of the combined rooms?  Polite, quiet, and equipped with a camera.  Does the recording and then leaves.  He’s a regular at a lot of the events – and given the "tracker movement", they’re looking for more "macaca" moments that the Democrats might be able to use to stop the steamroller that is coming their way.

On the opposite end of the tracker mentality, there is Zandra Rice Hawkins

First, here’s the better shot I mentioned:

And a better one of the quiet Democrat Tracker:

And of course, I can’t leave out Zandra Rice Hawkins:

Zandra Rice Hawkins in a GraniteGrok picture

I’ve had my run-ins with her before when she tried to "Alinsky" me over Universal Healthcare on a picture I took of one of her SEIU volunteers (her husband is a union organizer) in trying to convince me that I was breaking my own rules – big FAIL in my book.  Since then, she’s been active in NH as an outside provocateur; most notably she was a bit of a carpetbagger during the time that the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition was trying to put the Tax Cap into Manchester (knowing full well that she was pitting the needs of her Public Employee Union associations over that of suffering taxpayers).  She is well funded out of Colorado and is part of the internet based Progress movement that gave the country "The Colorado Model".

Well, I went over to her and politely introduced myself and asked if she would be willing to do an interview.  Trying ignore me, she disdainfully looked up from her scribbling and said "I don’t like the way you run your racist and homophobic blog" – way ta go Zanda, at showing that vaunted tolerance that the Left is always bragging about having

Making it (er, continuing to make it) personal!

I told a couple of folks of her presence (just as they would if I were to visit one of their events) – and unexpectedly got a few stories back that really correlated well with my run-in with her.  The most egregious example is that I was told she was pestering Frank Guinta during one event.  At that time, she just would not be respectful with her camera and pestering him.  In fact, she was chasing him so closely (literally, REALLY in his "personal space"), her intent was to provoke such a macaca moment.

Provocateur, indeed!  She didn’t stop until he turned around and politely requested "please stop". Now she seemingly is tracking Jim Bender – I watched her writing away until Jim was speaking – and the camera came out:

Note: how did I know it was Jim?  Listen for his phrase: "Self assured incompetents" in describing the current crop in DC. And yes, some of Jim’s supporters were “supporting me” on as I thought this was hysterical. She’s just, IMHO, a tad too full of herself – and I was just trying to provide another pin for her cushion as you will see.

And of course, Blue Hampshire had a piece up the next day from Dean Barker (why not, being a teacher, he has oodles of time off compared to we in the private sector).  So, I decided to see how she would react to a similar treatment – after all, what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander, right? One should be living that word that Progressives are always throwing into our faces: fair.  So, what would be more fair than using the same Alinksky style tactics?

And remember, Zandra, you were in a very well publicized event in a very public place – that night, you showed that while you are more than willing to "give" in the world of politics, you can’t "take" it.  Such a hypocritical attitude to have, eh deary?

Now, from previous emails (posted here) and your reaction to me, it seems obvious that you are even more thin-skinned than I ever realized (to the point of being thinner than some of the Republican candidates – heck, you remind me of Carol Shea-Porter with respect to Holier-than-Thou attitude!).

Looking forward to our next meeting – and you can be sure that I’ll be studying those Rules!

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