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Poznanski, Leishman, Eaton, Et al

EthicsTerri Norelli isn’t all that interested in ethics.  In the past few months several potentially high profile cases have gone softly into that good night with as little pomp as possible. 

First, an underage house member Brian Poznanski (D- Kegger)  is arrested at a house party in Bedford where he is violating the law with (an in front of) some 21 other people, while allowing other laws to be broken.  Mr. Poznanski just happens to be the sponsor of a bill that would allow underage drinkers to avoid a formal arrest record if they promise to seek treatment.  The bill quietly disappears after Mr. Poznanski apologizes without further repercussions from his democrat leaders in the NH House.

Next, Peter Leishman, (D- I think I can, I think I can) who after months of investigation into the possibility that he had been using his legislative muscle to manipulate rail deals from which he would benefit significantly, is let off the hook with a letter of warning, from which he might at worst sustain an angry paper cut, but whose effect is otherwise likely to have no affect at all.  Again, impropriety is not an issue, so sayeth the democrat leadership of their own.

And now we have Dan Eaton (D- Spend first tax question later) who is implicated in a liquor commission investigation.  The head of the liquor commission is on leave while the State looks into the matter, but Rep Eaton, whose primary contribution to the state is to find new and creative ways to spend your money is not in any imminent danger whatsoever.  He may even find himself elevated for being accused of involking the "Hey don’t you know who I am" clause from the left wing book of words and phrases.

The investigation will, I predict, vindicate Mr. Eaton, not becausehe is innocent of any wrongdoing but because he is Dan Eaton.  The NHDP has already rolled out the "well you did it too, nah nah defense" sans the details of how they did it too as well.  Besides if a freshman backbencher like Poznanski can actually break laws and violate his oath in front of a crowd of minors without repercussion why would Dan Eaton worry?  And he won’t. 

Norelli’s not going to do anything because that is the policy of democrat leadership in NH.  Don’t take responsibility, hide as much as possible, protect your own, and whenever possible misdirect by implicating opponents or shroud the issue in process until it goes away.

But don’t worry.  As soon as the Republicans take over the House again Terri and all the other liberals will abandon their game of ethics-three card monty and again be transformed into ethics hawks.  We’ll have more investigations than we can shake a Budweiser at from a commuter train

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