Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Family Paid Leave. Tell me again? What is the difference between the GOP and the Democrats on a “Free Marketplace”?

by Skip October 3, 2017

You know, that thing that we used to have?  Where the participants involved make their own deals and agreements for mutual benefit?  And Government used to just make sure that all of them would live up to their agreements – and not lord over them like Royal Monarchists or Communist apparatchiks in mandating how they […]

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Tesla Narrowly Misses Q3 Model 3 Deliveries… by 83%

by Steve MacDonald October 3, 2017

When you take that much money from the government, the institutional inefficiency must begin to wear off on you. Tesla announced it fell far short of its plan to build 1,500 of its first mass-market car, the Model 3, in the third quarter. The actual number it built? 260, or 83% less than promised. The […]

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A dangerous divide and conquer scheme

by Ed Naile October 3, 2017

The knee-jerk liberals who do their best to divide this country, in an endless, decades-long effort to create as many victim classes as possible, have latched onto gun control as a cure for the mass shooting in Vegas. No surprise there. No surprise the shooting range known as Chicago doesn’t bother liberals. What if this […]

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