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Sustainable Development…The Movie

Last week, I posted a link to a pamphlet titled “Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21 For The People and their Public Officials“. Today, I found a valuable companion video to it (see below) titled “False Choices”. This video provides a comprehensive overview and historical summary of the intrusive United Nations program, created by globalists …

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That’s How I Was Raised…

I was wandering through a retail store yesterday when I happened through the baby section.  There was what the folks in manufacturing call a bottleneck–where things being what they are create a pinch point that slows or stops progress.  In this instance the “things” were people, with carriages (sleighs?) loaded down with goodies, placed at …

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I Aint No Ways Tired – (Obama Edition)

Obama, the not-post partisan, not post-racial, southern accent pandering, division broadening, buddy-buddy with Reverend Wright, race war starting candidate from 2007. Link to Daily Caller posted video Transcript link of prepared remarks lifted from Hot Air.

Planned Parnethood Sells Sex

[Updated] –the video was pulled.  I’m looking for another copy. Sex sells, and so does selling sex.  When your core business is sex, selling sex is how you increase your market share.   Planned Parenthood sells sex, then makes money because people are having sex, and then uses their friends in the government and the media …

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Obama Makes The Same Face In Every Pic

Here is a nice little palate cleanser from You needed a break, yes? It is called Obama makes the same face in every pic. It is strangely amusing. Let me set it up for you. It is a video of successive still shots and Obama makes the same face in every pic.

NPR Video Sting 2.0

James O’Keefe has released a second video on NPR. In this latest installment NPR exec Betsy Liley discusses with someone she believes is with the Muslim Brotherhood front group, how he might best hide a 5 million dollar donation to NPR from the federal government.