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RGGI’s proponents claimed it would be good for the environment, which was only true if the “environment” was one littered with taxpayer financed slush funds whose purposes were as ephemeral as the lefts idea of rights or justice. And Carbon trading to reduce emissions was already a well known lie that ten years of cap and trade in Europe had already proved demonstrably false.

Another Whack at RGGI

..what I find particularity perverse is that “Republican” Senators in New Hampshire could be tying themselves to the Massachusetts compromise as the tipping point at which staying in RGGI would then no longer make sense.

It Isn’t Easy Being ‘Green.’

Greens like to have it both ways. They warn darkly about “peak oil” and global resource shortages that will destroy our industrial economy in its tracks — but also warn that runaway economic growth will destroy the planet through the uncontrolled effects of mass industrial productions. Both doomsday scenarios cannot be true; one cannot simultaneously die of both starvation and gluttony.

GrokTalk! Saturday May 7th , 2011

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RGGI Must Die!!

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is a Tax. It is broad based, affecting every aspect of our lives. And it is a tax beyond our constitutional control. These added costs, this tax, is set outside the state and can be affected by third parties and secondary markets, none of whom answer to any elected or appointed official in that we can elect or remove form office. No one will ever get to testify at a hearing before any of these actors moves to increase our taxes; they will simply go up with the cost of credits sold through RGGI.

All Hail King Reggie (RGGI)

…you can make excuses, legislate give backs that will only grow the taxpayer funded bureaucracy to manage them, tie our exit to yet another outside power (like some other state), or just bend over and kiss King Reggies….ring. Yes.  All hail king Reggie.  Long may he tax us without fear of retribution.

For Repeal of RGGI

If energy efficiency is beneficial to people, governments, businesses, etc., then why do the rest of us have to subsidize their usage?
I believe the savings claims from energy efficiency are BOGUS.
CFLs contain mercury, a known poison, especially harmful to children. CFLs will put mercury into tens of millions of homes most of which will never know how to treat breakage safely causing untold negative consequences to people, our environment, and our water supply.
Governments around the world have been subsidizing the investigation into global warming to the tune of billions of dollars every year for many years. Yet, the global warming advocates can’t prove man-made global warming, the best they have done so far is to publish lies, and to try to prevent people who disagree from being heard.

Green Choice

…this is a tax that can increase without ever seeing a public hearing. No one will testify. No one you vote for will be held to account for the tax increase. You will just pay more.

A Global Warming Alarmist In ‘Efficiency Sheeps’ Clothing?

Jim never explains why, if we have that tax in place to benefit state sponsored efficiency projects, why we signed onto a separate system that adds an additional tax, supervised by an out of state entity, that skims a portion of that “tax” off the top for administrative costs? How does that help everyone in New Hampshire when it diverts some of that so-called benefit away from the state.