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September 15th.

Do we have the sense to realize that with at least three to five well organized groups already keyed in to the base and in contact with the independent voters for every race, that by shifting these supporters into a massive push on September 15th to back each of the primary winners (along with a focused and parallel GOP effort in every local race), all the way to November, that we will not only take back the state, but take it back with huge margins?

Not so fast….

I received an email yesterday from the Republican Party of New Hampshire.  I am registered Republican, and have subscribed to the NH GOP’s mailing list. The opening paragraph goes like this: "Our Republican leadership team did a great job in setting the table for the November Elections.  We recruited more candidates for state office than …

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Bass Ackwards

Mr. Bass, now candidate Bass, has more to answer for than his Blue Dog Republican record.  He needs to explain why his species of Bass only swims upstream when irresistible political opportunities present themselves.  He needs to justify why the alluring siren song of the open congressional seat that used to lovingly cradle his backside is …

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