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China Russia and U.S. are Clashing

China Russia and U.S. are Clashing at the UN

Thursday in discussing responsibility for the pandemic China, Russia and U.S. are clashing at the UN. Everybody agrees the virus is the source of disruption worldwide. It is causing interruptions in world trade. There are many virus related deaths. Allegations about responsibility for mishandling the virus are without resolution. There are charges and counter charges …

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Can Charlie be “Energy Independent”?

I recently read an article claiming that "biomass" energy will produce more greenhouse gasses than coal over the next 40 years. Basically, biomass energy is the process of harvesting, then burning/incinerating wood and other plant (sometimes animal) products.  In addition to wood, the biomass plant category includes corn, hemp, and sugarcane.  The act of harvesting can include …

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