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Tweet of the Day – Week – Ever? on Unions Vs Right to Work?

Fellow Grokster(ette?) Susan Olsen dropped this into our email this morning.  No, not ‘the royal ‘Our’ as in the royal ‘we,’ as in ‘We are not amused.’  I mean “Our” as in our Grok group email.  Anyway, this hits it out of the park on Michigan and Right to Work, and the Unions and Democrats …

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I’d Like To Give A Tax Cut To Public Sector Employees

As I understand it public sector employees pay taxes too. I’m quite sure I’ve heard that somewhere. So if they paid for their benefits and pensions right out of their paychecks, like most of the rest of us have to do. They’d automatically give themselves a tax cut.

The (other) Picture of The Day

New Hampshire may have a chart just like this one, so with any luck someone will be kind enough to provide it. Until then this shows us what Ohio Education Association Union Employees make compared to the other suckers who “also pay taxes.” A theme repeated in every state most likley. Data is supposed to be from the US Dept of Labor.

The End Of The “We Pay Taxes Too” Argument?

The only way it could ever be equal, is if we all paid the same taxes, and taxpayers paid nothing extra for benefits and retirement; you would have to fund pay all of your share of both at the same rates as the average private citizen.

What Changed For State Workers In Wisconsin?

If we ignore the change in national perception based on weeks of evidence that public union employees (and democrats) are selfish, angry, violent, children what actually changed when the Wisconsin legislature and Governor Walker succeeded in passing changes to collective bargaining?