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Some Thoughts About The History Teacher of The Year Award at SAU 16

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If you attended the anti-White DEI-J information session at Exeter High School on August 19, 2021, you may recall Superintendent Ryan’s shoutout to DEI-J team member Jake Goodwin. Goodwin has been awarded New Hampshire History Teacher of the Year by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

Goodwin “teaches” Social Studies at SAU 16’s Cooperative Middle School.

There was something odd about Ryan announcing this at such a contentious gathering of concerned parents. It seemed as if he was trying to add legitimacy to the blatant anti-white agenda of the DEI-J team of which Mr. Goodwin is a member while giving an assist to NH Listens E Michelle Holt Shannon.

Translation: this is an award-winning teacher, so shut up, peasants.

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That made me wonder: does the Gilder Lehrman Institute ascribe to politically charged anti-white DEI-J rhetoric being pushed on children? I honestly don’t know. I don’t see anything overtly anti-white or otherwise biased on their website, but feel free to judge for yourself at

Maybe the Institute doesn’t know that Goodwin is part of this anti-white agenda at SAU 16. Maybe they don’t know that Goodwin took his 7th-grade class on a field trip to the Edward Kennedy Institute in Boston to participate in a mock impeachment trial of then-President Trump.

Maybe that field trip was not as blatantly biased as it appears. And maybe if there were a similar mock impeachment of President Biden in the future, Goodwin would willingly bring his students to the Edward Kennedy Institute to participate. Not that there would ever be a mock impeachment of Biden at the Edward Kennedy Institute. Ever. But I digress…

The Superintendent later informed the entire SAU 16 community of Goodwin’s award in an August 27, 2021 e-mail where he wrote:


Jacob Goodwin has been named the 2021 New Hampshire History Teacher of the Year. This award is given annually and was presented by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to K-12 American history education. Jacob rose to the top of a list of 55 nominations from the Granite State and was one of 8,150 teachers across the nation nominated by parents, students, teachers and administrators. It is very exciting for us to celebrate Jacob’s prestigious award. He, along with all of our SAU 16 teachers, are dedicated to teaching our youth and making positive contributions that result in educational excellence and reflect so positively across the communities we serve.


There are a couple of things that Ryan fails to mention. If you look at the Carriagetown News article linked above, you will see that Goodwin was nominated for the award by Cynthia Young, a Social Studies teacher at Portsmouth High School. According to her LinkedIn profile, Young was a former French teacher at Exeter High School, Seacoast School of Technology, and The Main Street School.

Cynthia Young – Social Studies Teacher – Portsmouth High School | LinkedIn

Under normal circumstances, I would be willing to give almost anyone the benefit of the doubt for leaving out these details, but in this situation, Ryan also fails to mention that he sits on the Education Committee of the Racial Unity Team with Cynthia Young.

Leadership Team (

Clearly, they know each other, and you would think that Ryan would mention these details during his impromptu award ceremony. After all, he was introducing both the Racial Unity Team and the DEI-J Team that literally sat on either side of him, in a public meeting, at Exeter High School.

Maybe he simply forgot that his DEI-J team member seated on his left was nominated for a teaching award by a member of The Racial Unity Team, seated to his right. Or maybe he’s just deliberately omitting these details.

This certainly isn’t the first time Ryan has failed to disclose details. Take, for example, failing to mention that his new diversity hire sits on the board of Seacoast BLM.

Then there was that little detail that he left out about 2Revolutions using anti-white propaganda in their ABAR (anti-bias, anti-racist) training sessions.

And then there was the issue of him removing all of those trainings from the SAU 16 website before announcing the DEI-J  public (mis)information sessions while telling us all that we’ve misunderstood what it’s all about.

What can I say? I don’t create these patterns of behavior, I just write about them.

In any case, let’s all welcome Cynthia Young to Granite Grok! I checked out the website for her employer, Portsmouth High School. Their core values, as stated on the website, are excellence, community, commitment, and leadership.

There’s nary a mention of DEI-J or any of its ugly cousins in sight. But it’s coming to their district, if not already there. You can bet on it.