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A COVID Inoculation Should Be Treated and Documented as a Comorbidity

Vial syringe might die and thats the point

On April 29, 2021, in answer to a question at Governor Sununu’s press conference, Dr. Beth Daly of NH HHS told us that “one or maybe two ” had died with COVID in NH who had no comorbidities and were under age 65.

At that point, there had been more than 1300 deaths with COVID in NH. Dr. Daly essentially told us that COVID had not been a significant mortality threat to healthy working-age people. That said, more than 30% of the USA is obese, a comorbidity – comorbidities were the COVID problem up until the time Dr. Daly spoke.

Similarly, near the end of 2020, the CDC had told us that only 6% of death certificates with COVID had no comorbidities, 94% averaged 2.6 comorbidities each. An assumption, that all comorbidities are equally responsible yields DEATHS BECAUSE OF COVID at approximately 32% of DEATHS WITH COVID.

Worldometers reports DEATHS WITH COVID.

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The USA’s 370,000 Worldomers-reported deaths WITH COVID in 2020 should instead be considered less than 110,000 deaths BECAUSE OF COVID. New Hampshire’s 827 deaths WITH COVID during 2020 should be thought of as less than 300 dying BECAUSE OF COVID. These too-high numbers were one of many frauds/deceptions meant to panic us into the inoculations, and these deceptions succeeded.

Inoculations began on 12/14/20.

NH Accum. deaths with covid under 70

The fully vaxxed younger than 70 have been estimated because NH HHS has data difficulties with these numbers.  These working-aged people have had an increasing and accelerating share of deaths with COVID since they started the COVID inoculations.

Healthy working-age people in NH  were allowed the inoculations beginning in March 2021.

The second table compares rates of death WITH COVID in NH before April 30, 2021 (426 days) to those that occurred in the rest of 2021 (245 days).  April 30 was the approximate time when healthy working-aged people first became “fully vaccinated” in large numbers.


Death with covid table 2


Annualized deaths take time into account – (multiply the deaths by 365 and divide by the day count shown).   The death rate for each age group under 60 quadrupled.  People in the 60s suffered an 89% increase in their with-COVID mortality rate.

Something positive appears to be happening in nursing homes (assuming it is not a data issue).

Summarized covid19.nh.gov data, as of Jan 5, 2021:


Summarized covid19.nh.gov data, as of Jan 5, 2021:


The above table shows the death count up to the column date (since COVID deaths began in NH, March 1,  2020).

The following shows the annualized rate within each two-month period.  Take the difference in the monthly accumulations above multiply by 365 and divide by the days in the time period:


NH annualized rate within each two-month period


Please note the bottom line: the share of deaths with COVID under age 70 – an extraordinarily horrible result for the working-age population, during their vaxxed period.

Too many young people are dying.

Data:  All data has been summarized from the NH HHS websites, as shown on January 5, 2022.

Some data will change in the future.  The largest change will likely be an increase in deaths as of 12/31/21.

Dr. Beth Daly of NH HHS has said that data can come in late, often on NH residents dying in other states.  Last year 759 deaths as of 12/31/20 increased to 827 as more data came in.  That is, late data may make these numbers and trends worse.

Please see also this report from Indiana, about working-age people dying in 2021.

It is clear the COVID vaccine program is not working in NH.  It is time to rethink employer vaccine mandates. In all but exceptional cases, we should let employees decide for themselves.

While the data could have various confounding and/or cooperating factors, a COVID inoculation, especially a recent one, should be treated and documented as a comorbidity in New Hampshire until proven otherwise, IMHO.

Independent and transparent autopsies of the fully vaxxed people who died young would help.  Why are they forbidden?  Why is our only public vaccine safety checking measure the VAERS system, with all its difficulties?  Why are the signals from the VAERS system being ignored?

Why has US law regarding coercion in medical experiments been ignored?  And with too many young people dying, isn’t it insane to inoculate 5-11 year olds (before puberty) with a genetic experimental treatment?