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Coming Soon – Your Own Local Granite Grok Experience

coming soon

We’ve promised some new and exciting things since the Springtime and we’re ready for ‘What’s next!’ We call them MicroGroks. And you are getting one soon!

These are local sites with local authors dedicated to issues and topics specific to your city or town. A place where conservatarian voices can express their thoughts and engage in debate. With each other and (because they can’t help themselves) their ideological opponents.

We welcome the discussion and not just because it’s such an excellent source for new content!

We’re also launching Regional MicroGroks when and where we feel that is better suited to the format. MonadnokGrok, for example, is the first of these. We expect that we’ll have one or more like that in the North Country as well.

If at some point, we discover that either Peterborough or Keene (or Laconia or Berlin) need a MicroGrok we’re equipped and prepared to provide that (at a moment’s notice). If there are authors of the proper political persuasion available to provide the content.

Because that’s the point. We want to provide a place for local news and commentary that isn’t getting covered in your area by anyone else. And, to talk about the coverage you do have.

So, stay tuned. Your local Grok experience is coming soon. Very soon.