What if "Intermittent Fasting" is Actually State-Sanctioned Propaganda to Get You Used to Being Hungry? - Granite Grok

What if “Intermittent Fasting” is Actually State-Sanctioned Propaganda to Get You Used to Being Hungry?

Gorcery store empty shelves original Photo by Richard Burlton on Unsplash

There was a time when even Democrats might have opposed the idea of forced medical intervention. That ship has sailed, at least at the elite level. Other agenda items took priority over colloquial notions like ‘our bodies ourselves’ or government not getting between you and your doctor.

Ideas that vaxx-mandate Karens’ of every progressive gender have abandoned.

Did they know their leadership was always lying to sell a different priority? Could they consider the possibility that they are lying now?

Trust is the last thing you should give freely to the government. They don’t deserve it and have not earned it, but they have recruited legions of corporatists to help them sell it. Profit silos that launder fiscal resources back into the hands of activist groups and politicians who further that relationship.

Democrats have sold that co-dependency as a feature strictly of the right, but that’s not entirely correct. It is a feature of statists in both parties of whom the Democrat party is the lead actor. The grand poobah.

All forms of government devolve toward tyranny. It’s human nature to want it and allow it. The American experiment was created to slow or limit that tendency. It’s failing and gloriously.

This descent has made the unimaginable possible. The far-fetched,…um, fetchable.

Going Hungry on Purpose

I was asked a question this morning about intermittent fasting. I guess it has been growing in popularity. Maybe a better way to describe it is the corporate media messaging on the practice has amplified in recent years.

It’s a thing, a fad, or is it something else?

I said, not entirely tongue-in-cheek that it sounded to me like a brilliantly disguised propaganda program to get people used to the idea of going hungry.

She laughed, which was my goal, but with a keen understanding that given the trajectory of our nation and the world since Joe Biden was lead into the Oval Office, there might be a grain of truth in it.

A big grain.

There is zero doubt that the media is a partner in our decline. The economic picture is bad and stumbling toward a cliff. The supply chain is ‘toes on the ledge’ and looks ready to slit its wrists before it jumps.

Shortages are real and getting more common.

People are getting priced out of the energy market – as in less mobility and warmth (it is still cold in much of America this time of year – and that is entirely the change in energy prices is a result of deliberate policy decisions.

So are the supply chain problems we have and will have.

How far-fetched would it be to think that messaging that suggests being hungry is good for you isn’t part of a series of political moves that force us to accept unaffordable or inaccessible food as the new normal?

Hey, it’s good for us!

The problem with my theory, maybe “problem” is the wrong word, is that this is where we are headed. And being hungry is being sold as healthy as our elites move pieces (or don’t move them) to make it increasingly difficult to find food and therefore to eat.

Not for them of course, but for everyone else.

Fasting is will be a religious practice secularized out of necessity.

It might just be another coincidence.