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Irony Alert – Sen. Tom Cotton’s* Floor Speech Defending the Filibuster

Tom Cotton Chuck Schumer

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton took to the Senate floor the other day to share some thoughts. Important words defending the filibuster currently under attack (again) by Democrats. Words that were not originally his own.

After three minutes (complete with what I can only imagine are similar hand gestures to the original author – and I swear more than a few almost-smirks of his own), Sen. Cotton reveals who was defending the filibuster in “his” speech.

Senator Chuck Schumer. Those were all Chuckie’s words.

Se. Cotton takes the remaining minute of his remarks to comment on that.

‘Now it’s Senator Schumer’s fingers that are hovering over the nuclear button, ready to destroy the Senate for partisan advantage. Think about it. The narrowest majority in Senate history, wants to break the Senate rules, to control on how voters in every state, elect Senators.

Political table-turning and a bit of good-old-fashioned fun all rolled into one.