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Antonio Brown – Quit or Fired?

Antonio Brown

So liberal sportswriter Sally Jenkins of the liberal Washington Post thinks NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is a victim. Brown (formerly of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, and Pittsburgh Steelers) ripped off his uniform and walked out on his latest team (Bucs) during Tampa Bay’s game with the Jets on Jan. 2.

Wrote Jenkins: “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wanted to own Antonio Brown’s talent but not his problems. There is something disquieting about that…It’s an ugly institutional look: The Bucs used Brown’s body, only to fire him for his troubled mind…The Bucs knew they were dealing with a volatile character and used him, calculatedly. They wanted to get what they could from him. And they had the right to walk away when they were discontented. He didn’t … The Bucs knew Brown could be irrational, and they signed him anyway.”

After Brown ripped off his pads and departed the TB sideline bare-chested, Buc head coach Bruce Arians said “He’s no longer a Buc. End of story.”



That doesn’t seem to be unreasonable after an employee walks off the job.

But more from Jenkins: “In no other profession do employers demand such devotion and repay it with so little loyalty and deem people so disposable.”


I can think of plenty of other professions that treat their people worse than the NFL treats its multimillionaires.

Jenkins: “The Buccaneers should tell Brown he is welcome back.”


Truth be told the Buccaneers took a big chance on Brown after his long history of volatility that got him bounced from three previous teams. Besides disrupting team chemistries, he was also accused of very serious sexual misconduct, refusal to pay creditors, counterfeiting vaccine cards, and much more.

Did Brown have a difficult upbringing? Sure. Should that excuse his behavior? No.

You see, personal responsibility is an anathema to the likes of Jenkins, et al. Egregious behavior must be excused, tolerated, and enabled.

“It’s not their fault.”

“They came from a bad neighborhood.”

“They have emotional problems.”

Brown may well indeed have emotional issues. Who does not, to some degree? Neither Jenkins nor I have access to Brown’s medical records. But sometimes people just choose to do bad things. And when they do, they should not be shielded from consequences because they’re rich, famous, emotional, or a member of some sort of a “protected” group.

Sometimes people just choose to do bad things. Or dumb things.

I wonder if Jenkins had similar sympathetic feelings towards Las Vegas Raider coach Jon Gruden when he was forced to resign in October due to an unsavory email he’d sent when working for the Washington Redskins eight years ago.

If it weren’t for double standards the Washington Post would have no standards at all.

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