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The Daily Dose

Link Dump - Image Credit Steve MacDonald GraniteGrok

It’s time for another late nite link dump – or an early morning wake-up and click-a-thon, depending on your inclination. Do you stay up late or rise early, or both?

I’ve almost been a morning person but I’m quietly contemplating the ‘Grok content the day. I’m not one of those chatty AM folk. You can talk to me but I might not hear you or answer if I’m typing.

Mind on other things.

Like these links we’re curating for you with some regularity, which, I’ll remind you, might stop for no reason whatsoever. But for now, we’ve got em and you’ll get ’em until you don’t.


Step 1: Use Fuzzy Math: Misreport and Miscount ICU numbers…
Step 2: Fire some Hospital staff….because we can.
Step 3:  Create a new Christmas edict statewide…they’ll love it!
Step 4: Suggest festive Holiday wear, create a buzz and banish your party-poopers.
Step 5: Hide the stolen cash in the walls…but where?
Step 6: Maybe do a good deed….maybe not.