[Update] New Grok Gear on Our Virtual Storefront - Granite Grok

[Update] New Grok Gear on Our Virtual Storefront

Live Free or Die Mug screen grab

[Updated] If you look in the right sidebar (you’ll have to scroll down on mobile devices) you will see a picture of a Grok Mug. Click it (or here) to access our virtual storefront for this and additional Grok branded merchandise.

We will be adding some more items soon, and because the holidays are approaching we will have some discount offers as well. Check back to see what we’ve added and thanks for reading and shopping with us.

“Live Free or Die” is available on a Muga sticker, or a T-Shirt.

Original post Published Oct 28, 2021

We’ve flirted with selling branded merchandise before, and one thing is clear. Given the time and resources (bandwidth), there’s a better way, and we were not doing that.

Branding stuff is a great way to fundraise, and as you all know, we do that to keep the home fires burning. Your contributions keep the lights on, the servers humming, and the bandwidth adequate. We’ve been doing okay without merchandise, but the recent surge in traffic calls on us to do a bit more. We need to grow and you’ve been amazing supporters in the past.

I thought we should expand your options with a bit with branded merchandise.



The Basic Grok branded mug.

Basic Grok logo mug

Click to order



We also have an “I’ve Been Vaccinated Against Tyranny” version here.

Grok Vaccinated against tyranny mug

Click to order


This graphic is also available on a sticker in  3.6 x 5 or 5 x 7

Grok I've Been Vaccinated Sticker

Click to Order


Live Free or Die

Live Free or Die Mug screen grab

Click here to Order

Also available as a sticker, or on a T-Shirt.

We’re starting small but will add products as time permits. T-shirts and maybe hats will be next but please send us suggestions of things you’d like to see us hawk to our readers. Both suggested messaging and on what products.

And, as always, if you’d like to just support our work without partially funding a third-party vendor, you can do that here.

Thank you so much for your continued time and your support.