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CDC Says Delta Variant Did Not Lead to Worse Outcomes But I guess That Depends on What you Mean By ‘Outcomes’

Phramaceitucals and people and dependency

It is difficult to trust anything that foams from the mouth of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), so how do we take this news? Delta was fast spreading but not more dangerous. How about, so you are admitting it is like other Flu viruses?


An analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at data from 14 states and “found no significant increases in the proportion of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with severe outcomes during the delta period.”


A period nearly identical to the ‘initial vaccination period.’ A time when we discovered that The Jab™ was more political theater than a beneficial pharmaceutical product. Sorry, it was worthwhile for Big Pharma and a long list of politicians and bureaucrats. Money has flowed freely like suds on wash day at the laundromat.

But nothing ever gets clean.

The Unvaccinated

The CDC report does make time to insist that Delta affected more unvaccinated people than not. This is a distraction from the failure of the vaccine, statistical gimmickry.


The report found the proportion of hospitalized COVID-19 aged 18 to 49 significantly increased, from 24.7% of all hospitalizations before the delta variant’s dominance to 35.8% afterward.


So, according to you, we have a lot more naturally immune young people? More naturally immune people, period! A better solution than yours.

In New Hampshire, even after Delta, no one under 20 has died from COVID, not something we can say about your vaccine.

Another fact. Pre-vaccine and post-vaccine NH COVID statistics (as an example) show no meaningful shift due to Delta, any other pseudonym, or from The Jab™. There’s no visible detriment or benefit attributable to vaccination. We did have a flu-spike in the summer. A spike that occurred in parallel to ramped up vaccination. A data point that should not be ignored.

Here’s another. The experts’ meddled with the details such that testing positive after vaccination rarely qualifies as being vaccinated and COVID positive.

Positive cases appear to have been counted as positives without vaccination before a “vaccine” was available.

The CDC and most if not all the state-level Public Health Ministries perpetuate information fraud. Adjusting the terms to suit the narrative instead of engaging in honest reporting and science. A problem exacerbated by their heel-dragging or refusal to come clean on the data they espouse and addressing serious issues with the failures in their response.

No one wants to talk about how many people are getting sick and dying due to what they have done in the name of public health. Illness and death as a result of shutting down the health care world to everything but COVID. The mental and physical burdens of unemploying people or closing their place of business. The long list of side-effects (including death) associated with their cure.

Until we can have an honest conversation about collateral damage instead of being ignored or shut down, the frothing and panting are not much more than that.

As for Delta not leading to worse outcomes, tell that to the people you frightened with it who lined up only to be harmed or killed by your vaccine. Tell it to people who ar losing their jobs because they don’t want or need the Vaxx. Tell it to the millions losing their rights as the pall of the Public Health Police State descends upon them. Tell that to the people who can’t get necessities, including food, because of logistics snafus (making inflation worse) as a result of vaccine policy facilitated by the Delta scare.

No, Delta had nothing to do with any of that, but people did. People at the CDC and in positions of power are instituting policy detrimental to tens of millions who will never even catch COVID.

That’s all on you.