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You Were a Racist in the Womb

Racist White Background

Robin DiAngelo, the author of White Fragility, describes, in this short video, why you must break down your identity. It appears that you were a racist forming in the womb of your mother.


This is why your children are participating in identity exercises in school. It’s not academic, it’s about a psychological experiment on your child. Teachers now break down your child’s identity then rebuild it to what the Critical Race Theory apologists want it to be. You might want to tell your child’s teacher, HELL NO on that exercise.



I’ve seen some of these exercises given to students in Hopkinton. Not only did they take a Pyramid of Hate survey, but they were subjected to breaking down their identities too.

The new Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Director in SAU16 also talked about identities during his presentation on DIE-J a few weeks ago.

A wise parent in Sacramento discovered that her son was given identity exercises. This is the video from parents who stormed the Sacramento School Board meeting to object to the Antifa teacher caught on tape talking about how he was turning the students into Antifa revolutionaries.  (2:04:40)

You will hear the mother explain how her son was given books at the beginning of the year, but that the students never used them. Instead, her son was given identity exercises. She then mentions that her husband has a degree in psychology and insisted that he not participate in any of them. Even her husband knew that this was a bad psychological experiment on his son.

Remember, public schools are now engaged in massive data collection on your children. They are using pseudo-teacher-psychologists to break down your child’s identity, and collect that sensitive data. The classroom will no longer be about educating your child, it will be about raising your child to their radical worldview.

A teacher who recently resigned explains it all here; “I wanted to become a teacher to share my love of learning, to teach language arts and math, and encourage kindness — but I didn’t sign up to be a revolutionary,”

Below the tweet of the video from DiAngelo,  there were many comments. I thought I’d post this comment which shows the insanity of this mindset that is now permeating through many public schools:

Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 11.51.29 PM

Public school administrators and teachers are denying your children an academic foundation that can help them get into a good college, or be prepared to enter the workforce at some point.  This isn’t social justice, this is an abuse of the public trust which will harm your children’s opportunities in the future.

Many schools in New Hampshire have engaged in this destructive path. Schools like Laconia, Manchester, Exeter( SAU16), Hollis, Sanborn, Hanover, Hopkinton have pushed this radical worldview that teaches hate and prejudice. It’s up to parents to fight back. This is discrimination and it violates your child’s civil rights. That needs to be handled through a civil lawsuit and a complaint to The New Hampshire Department of Education.