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Chris Pappas Votes AGAINST Prohibiting Vaccine Passports

Chris Pappas

Representative Thomas Massie brought an amendment forward in the House of Representatives to prohibit vaccine passports at the federal level.

The amendment was rather simple:


Vax Passport Prohibition Amendment
Thomas Massie Amendment to prohibit Vaccine Passports

Massie tweeted out the amendment and votes of the committee:

Voting for this amendment should be a no-brainer for any representative who believes in individual choice, liberty, and the United States Constitution.

New Hampshire’s Congressional District 1 ‘Representative’ Chris Pappas apparently believes in none of those things. He voted AGAINST prohibiting vaccine passports:


Votes on Vaccine Passport Prohibition
Votes on Vaccine Passport Prohibition – Chris Pappas voted AGAINST


Exactly who is Pappas representing in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state? Certainly not the majority of his constituents.

Every Democrat on the transportation committee voted against prohibiting vaccine passports. Why?

If you don’t know what a vaccine passport is, it is proof that you were vaccinated to go out to dinner, travel, go to a concert or show, or attend numerous other events that you would normally attend. If a vaccine passport is required and you don’t get vaxxed, you will become a second-class citizen, segregated from those who are vaxxed.

Your free will to travel about the country via airplane (Fraud Fauci is already talking about this)  and your choice to go out to a restaurant will be taken from you.

In other words, the party of ‘My Body My Choice’ strikes again.

Chris Pappas is up for re-election in 2022. It might be a good time to finally rid New Hampshire of a ‘representative’ who has been nothing but a water boy for Nancy Pelosi and her extreme left-wing agenda.