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To Stop the Mask Mandates You Have to Show Up – Here’s a List of Upcoming NH School Board Meetings

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RiseUp NH and NH Health Freedom are doing you a solid, and by you, I mean new Hampshire parents and taxpayers. They have a list of upcoming school board meetings by town so you can show up and get between your kids and a likely mask mandate.

Politicians, as a rule, are cowards. It’s rare to find one willing to buck whichever way the swamp water is rising, be in DC, your state capital, or in whichever plucky berg you find them. It is critical that you not only step up and make your interests known but that you then support those elected officials who listen to you.

When you walk out the meeting door, the harassment continues non-stop from the opposition. And they never stop.

You need to have their back. That goes for new candidates you support. Getting them elected is only the first base. Voters need to back them all the way (and often) for as long as they support the cause of liberty and less government meddling in our daily lives.

When they start to drift, it’s up to you to get them back into line.

RiseUp NH, Reopen NH, Rebuild NH, and NH Health Freedom have been the tip of the spear in our war against COVID Policy madness. But they can’t do it without you.

So here’s your chance to make a difference in your local school districts. (If you are not in NH look for similar resources – if you can’t find them create them!)


Visit the NH Health Freedom Events page for more information

Tuesday, Aug 10th 4:30p – Seabrook (I know, late and last minute – sorry)
Tuesday, Aug 10th 5:30p — Hopkinton
Tuesday, Aug 10th 6p — Interlakes
Tuesday, Aug 10th 7p — Portsmouth
Tuesday, Aug 10th 7p — Londonderry
Tuesday, Aug 10th 7p — Moultonborough
Wednesday, Aug 11th 6p — Hollis
Thursday, Aug 12th 6p — Conway Area
Thursday, Aug 12th 6:30p — Kearsarge
Monday, Aug 16th 7p — Milford
Monday, Aug 16th 7p — Madison Elem. School
Tuesday, Aug 17th 6p — Hooksett
Tuesday, Aug 17th 6p — Weare
Tuesday, Aug 17th 6:30p — Derry Coop
Wednesday, Aug 18th 6p — Hollis/Brookline
Wednesday, Aug 18th 6p — Stratham
Wednesday, Aug 18th 6:30p — Pelham
Monday, Aug 23trd 6p — Newfound Area


Visit NH Health Freedom here. They have a lot of other content on this and other health issues.