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GIP Cooperative Education Seminar a Huge Success! Empowered Parents Already Making the Break From Public Schools

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The first Cooperative Education Environment seminar that was hosted by the Government Integrity Project (GIP) was a huge success. Many parents and their children learned they have opportunities and power that the education industrial complex does not want them to know.

“The seminar was truly empowering! The GIP homeschool seminar demystified the whole process and empowered me into thinking I could homeschool my child and would have tons of support and resources along the way” 

Stefanie Dube

The seminar was great! Speaking to parents afterwards, they felt confident they could take that leap and begin their homeschool journey!

– Bonnie Bowley

“It was so much more than I expected. It was informational and inspiring, I left feeling empowered knowing I had so many options I never knew about!”

– Parent wishing to remain anonymous

The parents who attended are now armed with knowledge that if the public school system continues to indoctrinate their children and/or ignore their concerns, that there are excellent options for them to take back immediate control of their child’s education. In fact, many parents have already decided it is time to cut the public education indoctrination umbilical cord and form their own cooperative learning environments.

Cutting that cord is freedom for parents and their children to control their education! Those parents will now decide whether or not their children will wear masks. Those parent’s values will no longer be undermined by rogue school district administrators, school boards and teachers who believe that they know what is best.  No more anxiety about if/when the school district mandates vaccines (it’s coming).

No more poisonous CRT indoctrination that teaches children they are inherently racist because of skin color; that America is a systemically racist country founded by racists; and that Communism and Marxism are superior forms of government.

Education will become fun again for the kids, who will thrive in their new, nutruring environments.

The GIP’s Cooperative Education Environment seminar was successful because of the concerned parents who attended and the experts who donated their time to share valuable knowledge with parents looking for better education choices for their children.

Michelle Levell’s presentation was awesome. Michelle is the co-founder of Granite State Home Educators (GSHE), and she provided an excellent overview of the multitude of benefits and opportunities regarding home education, pod learning and cooperative learning environments. The GSHE website has a WEALTH of information, short informative videos, and easy to understand resources that can be found here.

NH State Rep. Glenn Cordelli’s presentation regarding Education Freedom Accounts was excellent. Rep. Cordelli serves on the House Education Committee, and he has been a leading proponent of Parent and Student Rights for years. He played an instrumental role in helping to push through the new Education Freedom Accounts that provides opportunities for parents to use education money that is allocated by the state for their child as they see fit.  Applications for Education Freedom Accounts are now available and can be found here.  Learn more about EFAs here.

“We know that all children learn differently and that even the best school cannot meet the needs of every child. Education Freedom Accounts put parents in charge of the child’s education so that every child can get them the education that best meets their needs.”

-NH State Rep. Glenn Cordelli

NH State Rep. Erica Layon (, Latitude Learning Resources in Derry (, seasoned home school parents Lois Bates and Kurt Michelson also made excellent presentations that helped parents understand the wonderful flexibility that home schooling and cooperative learning environments provide.  They shared their success stories based on the enormous bump in their children’s academic performance that is traditionally achieved by children who are outside of the public school system. Equally important, they reinforced the message “it is not as difficult as you think”.

Another important message: You can take control of your child’s education at any time of the year.  You do not ask for permission – you simply submit a form (found here) to your school district OR the department of education – and your decision is immediate. You can learn more by visiting Granite State Home Educators, they are very happy to help!

The event took place at the Crossing Life Church in Windham, NH and was recorded by Level5 Media’s Award Winning Citizen Journalist Chau Kelley (shown below).

FYI, the GIP is in the initial stages of planning another Cooperative Education seminar. For those who are interested in attending the next event, please contact us at:

Video 1 of 2 – Home Education Initiative so people learn how to home school their children in NH:


Video of 2 – Home Education Initiative so people learn how to home school their children in NH: