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English Honors Class Replaced with Critical Race Theory

Stamped - book cover

Critical Race Theory has replaced classical literature in HONORS English Class. The students in Hopkinton’s 10th grade English Honors class were subjected to reading the book STAMPED by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi.

The authors admit that they are NOT historians, however, the book includes historical events. Within the context of those historical events, facts and information are omitted. This leaves the students unaware of important historical facts.

By leaving out important historical facts, the students will walk away with a skewed view of history.  (I will write more on that in a future post) My best guess is that this book was written on a 5th-grade reading level.

While homeschooled children are elevating their reading comprehension and vocabulary, Hopkinton’s students are reading dumbed-down propaganda. This denies all of their students real opportunities.

What happens when quality literature is replaced with radical propaganda?  It’s a recipe for illiteracy and political indoctrination. What does that mean for your children? It can deny them the opportunity to be accepted into selective colleges. Colleges rely upon essays written by prospective students. To become a good writer, students need to read classical literature.  This helps elevate their comprehension and vocabulary.

This radical shift can negatively impact their college essays by denying these students classical literature, which will expand their vocabulary and teach them proper sentence structure.

If your children have any hopes of becoming writers or editors, this will negatively impact their hopes and dreams.

Those who substitute quality academic content for propaganda that pushes a radicalized racist agenda should be fired and never allowed to teach children again. This is shameful, and those who are perpetuating this dumbed-down radicalized agenda should be held accountable.

Watch both parents (one is an attorney) Start about 3:44:00 and watch until 3:57:00


Notes from what the parents reported:

1 The entire curriculum for last year’s Honors English was replaced by the book STAMPED.
2 History book written by two authors who are not historians.
3 Omits important facts from the historical events cited in the book.
4 In this book, Booker T. Washington believed black men were bad. (He is black, by the way)
5 The authors OMIT facts on Booker T. Washington like, how he’s responsible for 5000 schools in the south, opened up schools at night for those who couldn’t be educated during the day, built the Tuskegee Institute
6 Kendi says it’s ok to be racist.
7 Kendi says the remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination.
8 Kendi says the remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.
9 Kendi writes, we black people concentrated our hatred on white people …..he goes on to say…whites have tried to level the playing field with the AIDS virus and cloning
10 Kendi says education and love is not the answer to racism.
11 Kendi wants Americans to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that establishes a department for people like him
12 In those 28 chapters, history is omitted, embellished (not true)
A Looking at all of this through the critical race theory lens is detrimental to our students and our country.
B It’s a false and divisive ideology.
C Reduces people into categories of whiteness and blackness
D This ideology describes whiteness as a malicious label to erase individual identities
E Advocates of this ideology believe that all whites are racists.
F All white people perpetuate systemic racism.
G White students are routinely labeled as oppressors
H Students of color are labeled as victims or oppressed.
I This type of teaching rejects equality under the law.
J It rejects non-discrimination, color-blindness, individual rights, private property, school integration, freedom of speech, and meritocracy.
K In essence, it rejects the Civil Rights movement that Martin Luther King Jr worked to promote.
L CRT is intertwined with black liberation theology which is a religion.
M Kendi says, to be truly anti-racist, you have to be anti-capitalist. To be anti-capitalist, you have to be anti-racist because they are inter-related.
N Kendi is promoting Neo-Marxism and collectivism.
O At the end of the book, Angela Davis is the hero of the book STAMPED; she was a member of the Communist Party USA, black Panthers, and a supporter of Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre. She purchased firearms that were used in the murder of a judge.
P Kendi’s hope is to have the reader move to anti-racist action.
Q The conclusion is to have students believe that the United States is irredeemably racist and must be overthrown through moral and political revolution.
R The Hopkington English Dept. guide says to avoid taking a neutral stance on issues like CRT because taking a neutral stance “has historically shown itself to uphold the dominant white patriarchal status quo.
S The person in charge of selecting curriculum has no intention of being neutral.
T The teacher in the 10th grade English Class announced in class that God is racist.
U If the school district continues on this course, and this is not something they want to do, a federal lawsuit.