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You Still Have Time to Get tickets to Rev-Con 2021


This Saturday, July 24th, is the first NH Rev-Con. An all-day conference in Manchester, NH, for grassroots activists to meet each other, get to know the various organizations doing great work around our state, and learn how to be more effective activists.

We still have tickets available, and you can reserve them online here and there is a distinguished list of activist speakers as well as educational sessions available all day long.

Skip, and I will be running one of the many sessions available to activists and folks who are new to grassroots politics or seasoned but looking for more. From Education experts to taxes, local government, second amendment groups, liberty groups, health freedom groups, and more.

The goal is to send you home with tips and tools to be more effective activists on the ground and to get you connected to all the fabulous groups working around New Hampshire.

But you don’t have to leave when the conference ends.

You can stick around for the second event, the Mike Lindell Dinner.  My Pillow CEO and founder Mike Lindell will keynote a separate dinner after Rev Con.

It’s at the same location, and several ticket options are still available.  You can buy the dinner ticket or buy a full-day conference and dinner ticket.  Conference only tickets are or course available.

VIP is booked up, but you may be able to request access if something opens up. Follow the link to learn more.


When: July 24, 2021 (Saturday)
Where: Doubletree Hotel, Manchester NH
Time:     9 AM- 5 PM (all-day conference), followed by Mike Lindell dinner event (5:30 PM reception, 6:30 PM dinner)


  1. All Day Conference (hot lunch included): $30 per person
  2. Dinner Event with Mike Lindell -The Pillow Guy! $75 per person
  3. COMBO (all-day conference + Mike Lindell Dinner):  $100 pp.
  4. VIP Mike Lindell Dinner + VIP Reception $125 per person
The event is this Saturday so register today!