I Know What I'm Saying So Don't Drought Me! - Granite Grok

I Know What I’m Saying So Don’t Drought Me!

Drought and rain

The Climate Cult’s drought narrative has dried up in recent weeks. That fearmongering has been washed out by (of all things) rain. We’ve nearly reached the annual rainfall total in July, and that means it is time for the narrative mills to fearmonger something else.

It’s like flipping a switch.

When one false narrative falls apart, you shift gears to another. It’s like replacing tired players with fresh ones; only none of them are fresh. They are old and tired, but fear gives them life because we let it.

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So, stop doing that because a few weeks ago, your lifestyle was causing another year of drought conditions (don’t forget flash droughts).

And there is never enough rain until there’s too much rain, and that’s your fault too.

The Climate Gods have unleashed a torrent to punish us for using fossil fuels. We’re at about 43 inches of average rainfall, and it’s only July. The 120-year average is just over 44.

Well, you say this should be great for hydropower, yes?

Indeed, but hydro does not count as green, and every effort to deliver that sort of thing is an evil corporate-government conspiracy to ruin us all, just like Nuclear, the only real viable green power source that could begin to feed the electric dreams of Liberal sheep without the CO2 they claim they want to mitigate.

But they don’t seem too keen on advances in CO2 mitigation or sequestration unless it is regulated by The State with money laundered through government to favored constituencies.

It’s all a scam, so keep your eyes and ears open for the narrative shift in case we miss it. We don’t want to miss it.

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