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5 Amazing Tips To Improve Online Fundraising For Nonprofit Organizations!

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Fundraising is a very hectic task — it requires a great level of dedication, trust of the people, and constant convincing to get more and more money for the cause. Especially when it comes to online fundraising, it takes a lot of effort to gain attention and receive the target amount.

As a nonprofit organization, relying on the constant arrival of funds is the only option you have to continue the great work you do. You need funds from across the globe to work on solutions that require a good amount. How do you inform people worldwide?

Online fundraising is the right way to go, and an online donation software can help you in several ways for spreading the word about your noble cause.

Not only software but there are also certain wholesome tips that you must follow to get the word out amongst people successfully.

Here are a few of them that’ll help you achieve a great amount of donation for a good purpose.

5 Applicable Tips To Improve Online Fundraising

1. Try To Keep It Eye-Catchy For Mobile Users

One common fact — people are more active on their mobile phones than their PCs or Laptops when it comes to witnessing such fundraisers. Nearly one-third of the internet traffic is derived from mobile users, so try making donations easy for mobile users.

Launch fundraising campaigns in a way that is compatible with mobile users and is visible to them with eye-catchy details.

The donation link or donate button on the main page should be reachable, well-designed, and must feature crisp text that provides justification to the viewers.

Also, more importantly, maintain easy options for checkout so that they are able to complete their donation process.

2. Show The Urge

There are certain qualities a fundraising campaign must possess, and one of them is to bring the cause into the limelight. Show them why they should be donating for your cause, the need behind it, and try creating an urge in front of them.

Visitors are generally busy with other tasks and try to reschedule their donations, so always create an emergency for NOW.

Let them know the difference they’ll make if they donate today, try including a due date by which you wish to collect the amount so that you can work on fixing the problem asap.

3. Try To Keep It Easy

Keep a bunch of unnecessary details and formalities aside, and try to make it quick. Mostly try to include the basic requirements and speed up the process so that the donor doesn’t get confused. There are tons of examples where people just leave the page due to the long process.

As soon as the donor arrives on the donation page, keep unrequired details aside and only include a few things that wrap up their process easily.

Don’t get them into ‘Sign-up/Login to donate’. This will only make them feel like they can do this later, and there’s quite a chance they won’t ever return on the same donation page.

4. Set It Up For Recurring Donations

Whenever you have a person donating for a fundraiser hosted by you, make an effort to receive their donations in the near future as well. People are very much interested in coming back to donating money — this way, you get monthly recurring donations, and the cycle continues.

Craft and send messages/emails to donors every month, explaining to them their valuable contribution, and mention your donation page so the donors can donate on a recurring basis.

Also, include an amount you’ll prefer to receive, and make sure you let them know why this money will be helpful for your organization.

5. Have A Donation Software For Your Fundraiser

Do you recognize the hassle behind having an entire team for your online fundraisers? Just imagine someone doing the accounts, someone managing the donation page, and someone looking after the data — it’ll be pretty tough to manage all things together!

Online donations are meant to be easing your tasks, and they should be very simplified as well. A fundraising software will be able to take the huge responsibility off your shoulder.

They provide safe payment gateways and there is absolutely no chance an issue regarding the security of the funds can arise.

Besides, it also saves a ton of money that would go into hiring staff, hosting offline fundraisers, and stationeries for maintaining the files.

Simple Steps With Consistency — Your Fundraiser Is A Hit!

Following these steps for your online fundraiser is going to make a great amount of difference, and with just a little bit of consistency, you’ll receive a great number of donations for the noble cause.

People love becoming a part of a good deed, and your small efforts towards making their donation process easier leaves a lasting impression on them.

They also try to stick around by subscribing to your emails and newsletters for all kinds of updates. You may also get funds for your future campaigns or receive them in advance in your monthly donations account.

Online fundraisers are not tough, but actually pretty easy for your cause. Once you begin with implementing all the above actioning tips, you’ll witness the amazing return it will get you!


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